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When she was a young girl, Nekohime dreamt of being a video game developer. Now in her early twenties, she’s abandoned that dream to focus on her uninspiring job as a computer repair technician. There’s not enough time in the day to focus on game development – and anyway, isn’t she too old to entertain such unrealistic notions? That is, until her childhood friend, Clover, introduces her to the seductive Suki. Suki is determined to turn Nekohime’s dream into a reality and finally develop a game – and she refuses to let Nekohime’s self-doubt stop her. Whether she wants to or not, Nekohime’s pulled into a brand new world, alongside these two bubbly, optimistic girls. Will they be able to make a hit game together, or will it all be for nought? And, in the end, will Nekohime manage to find true love? The unwilling heroine of the story. Her real name is ‘Sayo’, but her friends refer to her by her internet handle - much to her embarrassment. Though she dislikes being referred to by a silly nickname she made up on the spot when she was a kid, she exhibits a lot of catlike traits. She’s always seen in her cat-eared jacket, she likes taking naps, and she can be rather ‘catty’. She lacks purpose in life, and is bored by her tedious, unrewarding job. Maybe making a video game is exactly the kind of diversion she needs. One of Nekohime’s closest friends. Her real name is Chika. Though she loves revealing cosplay and dressing in tightly-fitting spandex, she’s actually an elementary school teacher. She’s warm, cheerful, bubbly, and loves playing around with finger paints, which makes her a surprisingly good fit for her job (and no, she doesn’t dress quite so outlandishly when she’s at work). Being creative, she enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and composing music. She nominates herself as the composer for her video game venture. A mischievous, vixen-like girl from Nekohime’s past, infamous for encouraging her elderly grandmother to feed her laptop’s D-Drive rice for a ‘Shinto purification ceremony’. Suki flirts with almost everyone, to such an extent it’s hard to tell whether she really means it. She also enjoys teasing people – particularly uptight people like Nekohime who get flustered easily. She grew up in a shrine, but is worlds apart from the image of a ‘traditional Japanese beauty’. She can be loud and obnoxious and incredibly pushy, but she’ll apologize when she realizes she’s gone too far. She’s also a competent digital artist, who spent a large portion of her life drawing and uploading her pictures online. After all, there’s not much else to do at a shrine. Features: small choices affect the ending, three endings are available in total play the game in Chinese, just change the language in the options this visual novel contains fanservice
Winged Cloud
Winged Cloud
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP+
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz Pentium 4
  • Graphics: 1280 x 720
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Sakura Gamer reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
It is a Sakura loyal to the license: cute, proposing a light story but well brought and expertly rhythmic. It is rather a sentimental Opus with some afriolantes scenes, do not look for something too salacious. The game is meant to be mixed, designed to please boys and girls. This Sakura gamer is particularly well written, juxtapoting a reflection on the genre (Visual-novel) to a plot that mixes the feelings and professional goals of 3 characters to discover. They want to create a video game. If the story is nothing special, it is this double look geek on the video game and more precisely these VN (Visual-novel) that will bring multiple traits of humor, while explaining the genesis of a Sakura. There is something lynchen to see this nesting of a game in its "making-of", unveking the workings of its creation, an interesting mirror, beyond the actual frame, not well leaflets. We will therefore feast, in the language of Shakespeare if you please, of these spicy dialogues, well turned, well chained, of these scenes naughty but rather wise (*), and a very neat ensemble, especially this interface and this immersive music. For the rest, if you counted "play", there are indeed some scriptical choices to make. However do not expect to go to town or even on the street: it happens at home and your decisions will guide relationships differently between the 3 girls. So good reading:) (*) the patch is free and easily found
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Sakura Gamer Once again, I've crossed out a Winged Cloud Game in my "to do list." This Time I ended up here, still wondering why the "Sakura Gamer" is called. Well, it's about Gamergirls, at least on the Whole, but rather not again. Basically, it's three Girls who want to design a Game and it's supposed to be a Visual Novel. Even if there is only a Discussion about whether the truly Visual Novel belongs to Games. Can really argue about it. I myself also see it more as an interactive Book. But what's the place to go, I stand on the Stuff myself, but I'm an Anime Nerd anyway (if Gaming wasn't enough xD already). Also in "Sakura Gamer" there are of course clear Allusions. Here, however, is only a Story with 3 Girls. So it goes more into a lesbian Erotic story. Pro: + I like the Style of Winged Cloud + Story is well + Uncut Patch available + 3 Endings + Successes (slightly) Contra:-the Music annoys-no Dub-relatively Short-no collectible cards (I pretty Much miss them here) Conclusion: Even with "Sakura Gamer" Winged Cloud has a good Erot Again ik Visual Novel brought out. I like The Kind of Winged Cloud and then I read the Story for a few Hours. However, only Small Things are different in the 3 Ways. Basically, you only read through once and can just skip on the next Route. The Successes are not to be missed and are thus done as soon as you have read the "Game." I myself give the Thumbs up, but only for Anime Fans and for those who like Visual Novels. For more Reviews of me Subscribe here and at pleasure also like to join my Group. Aus eigener Sache: ══════════════════════════════════════════════ Zensur in Games? No thanks! Unfortunately, not all Games that are available on Steam and have been censored are marked accordingly. If You want reliable and up-to-date Information on the Censorship Status of Games, check out for UNCUT! Pass and follow the Curator To get humble about Censors in Games. ══════════════════════════════════════════════
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