Sam & Max 201: Ice Station Santa reviews

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The Game as a whole (Sam & Max Season Two) is memorable. This Episode, though, is bad. To Season Two in General Season Two resembles The chaotic duo'S Season One in an all-too strong Way. It's a good idea to play Season One first because most Of the characters and Locations in Season Two Reappear and are assumed to be known. But That's also, to my Taste, the heavy Downside of Season Two. Although the individual Episodes naturally tell new Stories, it seems like an old Chewing Gum that you've polished up a bit. It's too often the old-known Figures who run Sam & Max across the Way in changing Situations, even if some Settings are new. Yes, there are new Characters, too, but almost everything from Season One is used again somewhere: From the Limo Lausern to Rainer Segen, from the Oval Office to the TV Studio. Worse, though, Sam & Max have suddenly become rather nice, which is particularly noticeable when Bunting. Instead of pulling everything through the Cocoa, demolishing it and dismantling it, they should and want to help save Christmas or other very nice Stuff, which has made it rather boring for me. The Story of each Episode is more densely connected than in Season One. So some things from Episode 5 are incomprehensible if you don't know Episode 4. Even so, a Hodgepodge of eccentric But harmless episodes that largely lack real Bite, Nasty Humor, social Criticism, or other things I still felt in Season One. Rarely, for example, Max is properly let off the Leash. Really funny or for a Laugh, I rarely found anything. The Puzzles are quite demanding. Some Things are very light, but some things are also very difficult, so I have looked occasionally in a Walkthrough. Technology, Graphics, sound and Control is like Season One. However, this time Steam'S Version is completely in English. A German Version probably exists as a retail product, but with other (less good) Dubbing Voices. Pro & Contra: + Good Main pair + Some good Dialogues and Jokes + Some good puzzles o Only English-A little sensual Story (overall And in most Epsiodes)-Simple Graphic-Some outlandish puzzles Rating: 5/10 A little impressive Continuation of The Abentuer by Sam & Max. For me, it was rather disappointing, but there's some Entertainment value, specifically the later Episodes. Sam & Max 201: Ice Station Santa This Episode is bad. Sam & Max head to the North Pole suspecting that a nasty Giant robot that threatened their Home has been sent by Santa. History is as absurd as it has just been heard. She's of the "We need to save Christmas" type. I found the Story abyssively bad (but I'm also a Christmas Allergy Sufferer). The Puzzles were rather strange, for me little logical, a few very simple ones. Rating: 4/10 The Thumbs up therefore comes a bit uncertain as the Overall Score of Season Two. The other Episodes: Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5.