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"Sarcophag" (Sarcophagus) - is a classic match 3 game in horror theme.

- 2 Game modes: "Endless" and "Time Mode"
- Beautiful animation
- Nice music
Steam Community Integration
- Steam cards
- Achievements


"Sarcophag" powered by Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Release date
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Processor: Intel Celeron 1800 MHz
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 15 MB available space
  • OS: Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 20 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Purple devil
Get 400000
Green 5
Get 320000
Orange cursor
Get 440000
Red ghost
Get 430000
Purple W
Get 230000
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Sarcophag reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Too tight. In the gameplay that can not offer anything but three in a row without bonuses and variety of locations, play under 40 minutes of bullying. There is no picture of a zombie who had a hand on the panel as in a trailer, and the picture would paint pastime. And there is no saving of the result: if it came out from scratch again. The Music is good, but you will get bored until all the achievements are knocked out. Actually like the game itself. You Play only for the sake of specific (for the design of a profile on Halloween for example) images of achievements with letters on the overhead, and getting + 1 perfect game.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
A Simple three-in-a-row game for half an hour with three cards and 184 achievements. Really liked the music, although one could add another-two tracks, do not know. Also, when you get a long combo, or for another reason, exactly I did not understand, I liked how the tone increases, accompanying the construction of several chips in a row-under such music sounds generally so cool. This led me to the idea that I would love to see such a game in the Reroveyv-style, in purple-lilac-pink-purple-neon design for reroveyv-music, so as to make the brain sound and visual effects:)
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Sarcophagus-Game of the genre 3 in a row. It has no features. In comparison with the games of this genre "Sarcophagus" does not stand out, except for netting-here are some mutants. The game is going on in an hour, but it is worth mentioning its mutorness and monotony. Already Levelu to 7, and all of them 10, the game begins to be very annoying, and to get it right away need a little perseverance. It was not very pleasant to play it, I had to take breaks. In the process you will, almost for just so, get a bunch of achievements that is a plus. There are also cards that cost 2-3 rubles, but they do not pay for the game. Therefore it is necessary to take only because of achievements, or if you seldom play in games "3 in a row". But If you evaluate the game itself, not its cards and achievements, I can put only a finger down.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free Sarcophagus-the case when instead of a review you can copy the description to the game. This is a 3-in-a-row, with fast achievements (for half an hour you can fill everything, you have to score an achievement by 450000 points in two modes, normal and time). In Addition to the bare mechanics of the 3-in-a-row and shards instead of balls, there is nothing else in the game. The Shards are the same, the levels do not change anything, from the bonuses only a bomb, that's all the game. As a result: The game is not bad, but there is really nothing in it, except for this mechanics. Well, quick achievements and cards at the same. For lack of the middle finger, thumbs up, but IMHO such games place on the old mobiles, rather than in the Stame. 4 shards of 10 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1126176713 P. S: If this review was useful for You put the likes, as well as Add friends and subscribe to me as a curator-online Reviews
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