Scarlet Nexus reviews

If it were possible I would give this game a rating between "recommended" and "meh".
The graphics look great even on a low end pc. I absolutely loved the SAS, but the enemies were too easy so the SAS felt it was OP all the time. The story is catching and it was the main aspect of the game which kept me coming back to finish the game (at least Kasane's story line).
The big downer of the game was how its combat was implemented in the game. The enemies felt lifeless, boring and not at all intimidating. Game-play has lots of cool moves and nice variations of combos to perform along with the SAS. Psychokinesis attacks though, whenever I executed a PK attack (RT) it felt like its breaking the combat's rhythm, and it kinda sucked the fun out of it.
Nonetheless, I enjoyed my time playing the game very much. I tried playing Yuito's story-line but I couldn't go on because of the combat game-play and boring enemies.