SCUM reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review All in all a good Game, I am looking forward to all the Innovations that have already been announced and everything else that is to come. May therefore recommend it. I've been watching the Game for a long time and have to say what's been announced is in it as well. Graphics is 1A and servers are now running stable. I think the whole Character is developing with Skills & Co, so far there is not everything, but nobody expects that either. I think the Crafting system is good, you have to be familiar with a Field In order to be able to produce Ammunition, for example, otherwise it will be nix. Also in terms of handling the Weapons it looks good, who is not familiar with Assault Rifles who shakes and shoots next to it. What I also find awesome about this Game is that with the third Person! That's really awesome for PVP. Why only Players are hidden here and Zombies & Robots I don't understand. The Robots at the Military Facilities are quite ok, the Flying Comradesmen just useless and superfluous. The "Zombies" are difficult in Melee combat, but once you have a Weapon, for example, a Spear they are super simple. I'm missing something in the Game at the moment, because just surviving now isn't that sparkling. I lack to store my Prey somewhere and build a small Base with my Friends. The Map is huge and therefore offers the Possibility. Currently, for the "Warehouse Construction," there is a Wooden Box and a temporary Shelter for spawning, not to mention the Campfire. Well, that's not really significant. There has to be more to come, but please don't get too much here either, otherwise the Card is full. What I also find bad is the Size of The card In Relation to the Number of Players. The Map is 12x12km², as a Comparison of who knows Pubg, the normal Cards there are 8x8km². Currently, a maximum of 64 People can meet a Server, here times to meet a Player is like a 6er in the Lottery. In addition, unfortunately 90% are jogged/run here to get from A to B. And that lasts and lasts and lasts ... There doesn't really happen what in the Meantime either, except that you pee, ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ t and when you overdo it, it coffs. With a lot of Luck you can see one of different Wildlife. For This, it is important That vehicles should be used, I would be super satisfied with a bicycle, after all, this does not have to be an armored Car or a Monster truck. We have also rented a Server, so if you fancy it is happy to have fun. Is also already paid for 3 Months, which definitely gives longer;-) Here are the Servers IP:
So remember that game DayZ? Well this is what it could have been. SCUM is an intense open world game with one objective, survive. If you thought other players were a threat just wait until you meet the hostile wild life and zombies around every corner. Oh and I forget to mention the giant Mechs. 

Will you survive?