Sea of Thieves reviews

The pirate's life for me.  Endless fun as long as you have a friend or two or three to play with.
Cool adventure generator if you have a couple of friends. The sea is just fantastic, the best in the industry. There are disadvantages, after all, boring pumping, story companies are also not interested, endless reputation farming. Although some events are really epic, for example, ghost fleets, but they also get bored quickly. I'm waiting for this game to be more fun.

And now, I'm just going to calmly swim in the beautiful sea on my sloop :)
«Better with friends»
Amazing game, very unique and getting consistent updates! 

Defiantly worth your time especially with friends. Nothing better than carrying 4 hours worth of loot whilst being hunted by an enemy ship and having a giant war to defend your loot
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Great concept and graphics, but literally nothing to do.
«Better with friends»
This game had a terrible launch. A no good, very bad launch. I feel like I heard somewhere once that the devs were forced to release their unfinished product (thanks Microsoft). However, like No Man's Sky, they stuck to their project and it rose from the ashes. 

This game is so unbelievably fun with friends. You have to take the game like a grain of salt and make your own fun, but that's what adds to the experience.

The PVP is phenomenally addicting. You would think that for a game called "Sea of Thieves" there would be more aggressive players attacking others and stealing their treasure. However, the playerbase has become more and more passive over time, to the point where many simply run away from you. The devs have slowly been creating this passive environment by making certain elements of the game easier (volcanoes, megalodons, sloops, etc). 

There's no real reward for playing the game other than money to buy cosmetics. And I gotta say: I need more cosmetics. It's capitalism in action. 'Why yes, Rare, I do want that very expensive ship customization set that costs nearly $600,000 gold.'

The money-making missions can be very tedious and repetitive, especially when first starting out. In fact, the game in general can be quite unforgiving to new players, and many are weeded out in the process. However, only the strong survive—a reoccurring theme in this game. The people with the cool, fancy cosmetics? They're more than likely stronger and better than you (unless they're from the premium store, in which case they are losers). 

The game has it's bugs, it has it's issues. I had to delete and reinstall it after a nasty crash. But I can forgive and forget.

The visuals. THE VISUALS. The game is gorgeous. I absolutely love the art style.

I am convinced there is no greater feeling in life than setting your ship ablaze in honor and respect after a lengthy and successful play session with your friends. THAT is what this game is about.

We need more pirate games. Arrgh lads.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Sit back and relax»
Sea of Thieves quickly becomes boring. For the first couple of hours you enjoy all this pirate stuff but then you realise the game has nothing more to offer. Yes, it’s made actually well, with nice graphics and attention to the details but that’s all. The gameplay ends with repeating the same actions again and again - as long as your patience lasts. Thinking about how large and experienced the developer is, I don’t understand why they didn’t make a better game.
«Waste of time»
This game is the best way to spend an evening with friends! Various activities, funny moments and multiple locations are provided. The game looks wonderful and optimized good too, so you’ll enjoy playing it. With more content in the future it’ll become perfect!
«Just one more turn»