SeaBed reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Played. I would Not say that this story directly came to me, but some interest in it still is. Although There are a couple of fanservice scenes that can be interpret as a relationship between our heroines, but this is far from it. If you delve into this story, it becomes clear that they are trying to understand the meaning of all the strange events they face in their lives. The Only thing I did not like (it is personally to me) so it is the majority of backgrounds. Not exactly the backgrounds themselves, but the way they are depicted in this novel. Basically these are real photos with the use of taco effect, as if they were drawn by hand. But maybe someone likes it. Another thing that I can not fail to mention is the multitude of sound effects that accompany us in various scenes throughout history. Bottom line: Title Score Plot 8 Graphics 6.5 Music 7 Sound effects 9 Characters 9
Translated by
Microsoft from French
SeaBed is a Visual novel that speaks of travels, memories, food, dreams and the separation between two young women (not necessarily in that order). For its version accessible to normal people Fruitbat factory did a good job in allowing the reader to increase the resolution up to 1440 * 1080 (the future!) You can then enjoy a little cheap backgrounds as well as sprites and CG rather successful despite some coarse errors of proportions. The music is well adapted, the sounds are above the average of the genre and the absence of voice acting never gets felt. The title or the headline shines is in its way of being told. By regularly changing from point of view, SeaBed follows the path of three characters to different personalities but to the common goal, understand what may have caused the separation between two of them and can be repaired this broken bond. The dialogues are natural, the descriptions are numerous and fall right. In general the text is filled with small details about the environment, the fauna and flora that make the scenes interesting and lively. The rhythm is generally slow, the characters are not in a hurry or in danger, so there is not really "action" or panting suspense. The story quietly follows its course by giving occasionally clues, questions still unanswered, touching passages and some moments of lightness. The important scenes mix with slices of life and if we add the secondary "tips" unlocked during the reading, there may be some confusion and need to reread. Fortunately the title is generously cut in chapter and everything is easily accessible via menu. During the 20-30h required for reading, SeaBed made the meninges work and managed to maintain a very proper doubt as to the outcome that I found logical and satisfactory. If you like the mystery, a little psychology, the pretty girls and obviously the food, I would not know that advise you at least you try to demo. What are you waiting for? "You'Re planning to sleep in the dream?"