SEAL Team 12 reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
You Can Read this review in my blawgh: Team 12 is a top down shooter and entertaining. Net. When I started I expected much less of him, but ended up conquistándome with his bad jokes and difficulty progression. But it's not that difficult either: it's a relaxed walk of destruction and murder. In This game you kill tanks, soldiers, ninjas and more bad jokes. I Thought I'd quit, but I came back and I threw it all away. Throughout the game, I realized that the voices had a slight semi-professional distinctive and that the controls were well balanced. I Wanted to know more about the developers but their site no longer exists. I Think they have social networks, but their last communication was in 2015. It gave Me sadness because its game is not bad, it simply does not stand out among the tens, the hundreds of video games that exist on Steam. And How to get it, if the beginnings of the game are a bit shocking, repel easily. Maybe they need to polish their image, their designs, their jokes, the name of their company. Know. I'm Not a cabalistic winner in the industry. Some games seem to me the ghosts of their creators, as well as a book is a transmutation of a soul. Seal Team 12 has reminiscences and is full of good wishes. I Speak beyond the game because that struck me as I played it: Who are the voices? Who are the developers? What happened to them? Where are they? Will They Be all right? The game, through its jokes, has some criticism of religion... I found this amusing and I think it is also worth mentioning. GOD is the enemy. Our mission is to destroy GOD. That is Why he is the goal of all our hatred and derision. The design of the game looks like Flash, a little sloppy, but I insist: the controls, sound and voice performances are much better worked than expected, which made me stay. Then, level by level, I found a well-measured progression of weapons and difficulty. I Guess in difficult this progression must be almost perfect. The bestiary (weapons, enemies, terrain) is not very varied but it is enough. The last boss is a repeat of one of the first, so the game is... Economical, or stingy, as you like to see it. I Think this game was made by experienced people. I had no problem and I think the surprises, pleasant surprises, were many throughout my gaming experience. Do I Recommend this game? I mean yes, because he has good things, but the developers are missing and that gives me a little distrust and sadness. Anyway, if you're looking for a light and tasty top down shooter for an afternoon, this game definitely meets and exceeds all expectations. Perhaps, if they are doubtful, it is best to buy it in a bundle. I Did a let's play this game and you can see it on YouTube: