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SEEP Universe

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SEEP Universe allows the exploration of four bizzarre planets, inspired by retro games. Run, Jump and battle enemies through more than 20 stages for a 100% retro feeling. This is the game you have always dreamed of from the 16 bit era! The battles against the bosses change the rules of the game. For example, in the first world you'll need to run away with a SEEP car from a huge boss. This makes the game experience varied and intriguing! You can also collect the SEEP Coins to unlock many secrets in the SEEPedia, a huge gallery where you can discover many secrets. Features: 100% pixel art for a 100% retro feeling. Original soundtrack product by Pedro Calquinha and André Marques, two professional musicians, with the collaboration of Amadis Monteiro (drums). Funny 8 bit sound effects. Two characters in one with different skills. Dynamic map for all worlds. Various game level design. SEEPedia, a room where you can unlock pictures, info and cheat with the SEEP money. Many enemies to defeat. Power Ups. 4 worlds and boss battle. Various gameplay: platform, action, puzzle, racing and much more! Free DLCs. Secret stages to discover. SEEP Shooter: excite two players co-op mode! XInput and Direct Input controller support. The Story: A strange frequency from the videogame world has taken control of the universe. Four planets have been threatened by five obscure videogame bosses. Each planet has its own army but this has been broken and now all the negative effects are woven together to create chaos. SEEP, an indie developer team, has intercepted the code in the timeline that is causing the disaster. The problem seems to be the corruption of the source code of some old arcade systems, these can also teleport people from one place to another where the code is corrupted. So the brothers Sergio and Enrico, members of SEEP, decide to go into action. Only they can save the universe by crossing through various arcade systems that have been hacked by a mysterious AI.
Release date
Jul 15, 2015
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Processor: 1.6 Ghz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 256MB
  • Storage: 150 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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SEEP Universe reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Game quite interesting, for those who want to take a dip in the past, keeping a little something modern, this is the perfect game. When it comes to ' ' retro ' ' Nothing is excluded, from the graphic compartment, the gameplay and the music! (Especially the difficulty, in my opinion strong point of this game, which will make you freak out a little!) PS: Don't play at night while someone's near, it won't be a good experience:P
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Game that makes us go back to the times of the 8-16bit, where platformer and shoot'em-ups were the most popular genres. SEEP Universe inherits its essence and makes us entertained in a carefree way without too much frills, through a simple gameplay, but that requires a precision that in the first time makes it difficult to calibrate the jumps well. For the rest we are in front of a simple video game and that configurations older than 10 years are able to run! A game that will please those players with several years on their shoulders and who have grown up with the C64, the Amiga and the consoles with 8 and 16bit. Have fun in retrogaming sauce!
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
A simple game in everything and the most entertaining. At first it may seem loose gameplay, but just make a couple of screens to hook up and continue playing until you finish. The difficulty is adjusted, being the hardest to access certain areas to catch modenas without falling to the skewers or fire. Another point in favor is that within the various worlds to complete has several paths, bone, an extra phase if you take enough coins to insert them into the machines that you are at the end of each phase. Finally and in my opinion what I liked most was the music, which is totally accurate in each of the phases. In Short, a game quite entertaining, as it was his previous prequel, SEEP WORLD. Congratulations to the SEEP Brothers for making us enjoy for several hours.
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
A very classic 2D platform in the gameplay and the more than acceptable challenge rate. Good idea of collectables (coins) to be spent in various ways within the game. The latest modifications with the AutoSave and the release of the separate worlds allows you to play it even in sessioncine lightning here and there. As faults I point out the graphics with practically only primary colors and with too high brightness, the music like chiptune yes nice at the moment but that become annoying after a while and especially the controls not always accurate. The "skated" effect of the character that makes the jumps inaccurate to 100% is tangible, and this is a heavy defect for a 2D platform; Also sometimes the dash stops although you hold the button and I did not like the choice of the combination on + action for the special attack, when it could be mapped quietly on a trigger of the pad. All in all for what it costs remains a good game...
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