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Selfie: Sisters of the Amniotic Lens

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The endless, halcyon days of "Nauseous pines" summer of love are over, the travellers and minstrels, dreamers and drug dealers have gone.

It is now 198X, you wake up in a very bad situation. You were the "Sisters of the amniotic lens" and now it's time to face what you did to the minds of the naive all those years ago.

Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream, it IS dying

  • Story driven non-game with space exploration elements dealing with the dangers of the radicalization of the vulnerable .
  • Engage with other peoples deepest and darkest pleas in deep and meaningful retro-future play-by-mail mmo/social network.
  • The most advanced fly A.I. of all time utilizing not only their random state but stable route calculating sense of smell.
  • "Mix tape" of music by the award winning No-wave/industrial and avant-folk siren Jarboe.
  • Quantum physics, metaphysics and retro-future tech combine to immerse you in a nightmare world.
  • Concept and story by the TIGA award nominated Dylan Barry
  • Full suite of 198X teletext by award winning artist Dan Farrimond (ITAF, British Tate)
  • Additional art and lucid dream exploration by Eye of sic
  • Guest starring psychonaught sirens Neurosoup (Krystle Cole) Christina Martine and introducing Christine Brookes
  • Special guest appearances by members of the Rail slave games community and Jarboe herself.
Release date
Rail Slave Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 and up
  • Processor: 2 GHZ dual core
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Latest driver direct x 11
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 600 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: Min screen resolution of 1200 x 720, Mouse wheel function, online connectivity for the social network and The Bible, Hebrews chapter 4 at hand
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Selfie: Sisters of the Amniotic Lens reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Be responsible with each other souls Selfie not quite a game. Generally write about it in its own manner strange, there would be enough and a few lines, but in reality the game itself can hardly attract attention to itself. It's rough and ugly, but it still contains something inside. In Order not to convert this into an equivalence to the rest of the gaming industry, I will not share the pros and cons, but also look for the obvious reasons for buying or abstaining from it. Its Gameplay is minimal. The Game consists of two stages, which are repeated 1 to 1. Below I will write, the same would serve as a small nut for those who are already confused 1. You appear in the room. The First thing to do is to keep flying flies in sight so that the square is filled. After that the fly "charges" TV. A Few flies-telly turns on. 2. You switch channels until the 1st time you see your own room from another angle, then playing music will distort. And 2nd time from another angle. Both of these moments need to be closer to the PKM, otherwise the change in the stages of the game is not counted. (Channels are switched by a wheel) 3. After approaching the view on the 2nd perspective, you will find yourself in the open space with the bottles flying on it, 3-Carcasami Manikenov and red ball, which should be shot. He's small and hides in a maniken. After the shooting in 1 flies to the 2nd Maniken. After the 2nd in the 3rd. (This ball-the source of music, so put on headphones and fly to the sound, the wheel of the mouse accelerates and slows down the flight) 4. After the 3rd time the ball flies away and bases in the open space platform, where fly the same flies. As soon as you kill the fly, the ball will be vulnerable for 10 seconds. Enough to smash it) 5. After that just fly into the appeared drawing after the ball, read the story, etc. After these 5 points you return in a circle to 1 and repeat again. Just 6 times, after which the ending in the video of the author's video appeal to you, where he will explain everything in English. Behind the scenes, the Bottles from item 3 are messages left By other players. They are anonymous, though there can be written names, but any at will written. These are messages in a bottle, candid, open, telling what no one else will know. You can fly up to any bottle and read the message. And then either Condemn, leaving everything as is, or Release by writing your message to the author, giving instructions to "release". So people leave a part of themselves in these messages, no one will know who they are, but they can also get some words in return. These reports are overflowing with pain, apathy and depression. The Game has even more to it. According to the author's plan you perform the role of Guardian Angel when you are in the free flight among the bottles with cries of the soul. You can not read them at all, but the game is all about it. And You can also leave your own. (But not on Russian, the game does not support Cyrillic and most special characters). The Result When I first started the game, it caught the attention of an instantly filed atmosphere of detachment, which is also impregnated "playing". And on the background in the first cycle plays music with a light song, the same as in the Path from Tale of Tales. By the way, having passed this game, I find both sides of indie creators alike. Don't expect a game here. Here is just a way to go into a different world with your soul, when your thoughts have long been somewhere far away. The Entire Interactive is just "to be", but in fact it is a social experiment, which though has a connection with other players, but it is anonymous, indirect, and does not apply to "MMO" or "Multiple players", as noted in the store. The Technical part is better omitted, it is budget to the brain of bones, as well as the project itself. If You like the works of Tale of Tales Studio (The Path, Sunset or maybe even Endless Forest), you will find this game good and entertaining. 12p for the region at discount-This is the reason why many buy. But you can play it. No need to be a gamer to feel sympathy for this project. Enough just to be a bit... Detached. Or with that mood. Rating: Do not evaluate, it is not a game... But I went through everything, read a couple of dozen messages of different people with different stories, some even answered, and left something from me, my message, but, of course, no one will ever know which one. Welcome to the Suicide Hall, Dominic. Best regards. * Your Humble Servant-Curator
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