Semblance reviews

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Microsoft from French
Product received for free released on July 24th, semblance is a platforming/Enigma game, developed by Nyamakop and edited by good Shepherd entertainment. Using your Squish, you will have to save the 3 trees of the world attacked by another tribe of Squish. This is our express test. At the discovery of semblance the 3 trees of the world are attacked. To save them, we will have to visit them and retrieve each blue Orb of each internship, and thus open the passage to the one who has set up all this, a green Squish that put your brain to the test, because each ORB is protected by a riddle. It must be known that in semblance, the story is lived through murals that we discover as we go along with our adventure, which allows us to understand the story once the game is over. We will not reveal anything about this story because it could spoil the game of future buyers. The game consists of 3 trees, each of these trees comprises 5-6 levels with an average of 5 puzzles all different, which makes on average about fifty puzzles, see a little less. To solve puzzles, you will have to play with the platforms that your Squish will be able to modify as it pleases by jumping or tapping on them. But the more you advance, the more you will encounter new challenges, like trampoline platforms, or even a shiny wall that allows you to turn into 2 other shapes, an elongated that will allow you to make horizontal jumps more powerful, and a cucumber shape for impressive vertical jumps. The game itself is beautiful. We are in a colorful world, which is rocked by a captivating music, which makes our gaming experience very enjoyable and we appreciate even more the puzzles in these conditions. All the charm of the game is in the story that we discover in the various paintings scattered in the worlds, sometimes visible easily, or hidden in places almost inaccessible, it will have to think even more than during the puzzles for all find them. Just like the 8 secret temples that hide in the game. Semblance has a short lifespan. you have to count on average 2 1/2 hours the first time, and 1 hour when you start it again, because Yes you will do it again to try to have all the successes of the game. In conclusion, despite its very cute little life as the Squish that one controls, semblance remains a pleasant and pretty Enigma game, with a wonderful ambience. We regret the simplicity of the puzzles, which makes the game too easy and suddenly too fast. But the hunters of success will have a hard time to find the paintings and temples, which allows to lengthen a little longer its duration. The game still offers a beautiful story to discover and remains a very good hobby for those who love the puzzles. Editor's Note: 8/10-a very nice puzzle game, with a very cute story. You can follow the Currateur couple of gamer for more reviews of games: couple of gamer
The first time I started playing this it looked like it was gonna be one hell of a buggy game, BUT after a couple of hours of gameplay I became accustomed to the unique environment that this puzzle game has.
«Can’t stop playing»