Seraph reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
First Of all, this one very good Game. The Gameplay fast, easy to learn and the Random Elements (Level Building, Box content, Opponents ...) are never so dominant that they become more important than your own Abilities. It's a nice Casual Game. Graphics and Sound are very good, and with the exception of a very few Bugs, the Game is extremely stable. At this Point, I have to be honest: I'm so bad about playing games (Console or PC, it doesn't really matter) that my Friends want to watch me play because my Way of playing Is a Total reward. So When I say I'm good at a Game (and I claim to be in that Game) I assume that it's 90% of all Gamers far too easy. The Player gets pretty much what you expect out of Trailers and Media about the Game. Let's Get to the negative: The Game is too short. When it comes to Story, it takes about 1 Hour to get from Start to Finish (Assuming Ignoring Objects and Opponents). Very disappointing: Apart from the end credits, there is nothing! Not even text, no rewards, just nothing. One may even make a Decision in the End, but it has exactly no Influence. Above all, it is easy to understand! I'm sure among the Beta Testers was at least one Person with a good Writing style Who would have liked to have written two Pages of short Story to at least have a text scroll at the End. But also off it: The Game has – for me-not a great Replay value. In my 19 Hours, I've unlocked pretty much Every content the Game has to offer. I've seen all the Weapons, tried all the Miracles, laid out with every Opponent, and just discovered everything. Weapons and Miracles are not so varied that they change the Game magnificently, or bring new Experiences. For Example, one of the Wonders is a flying Ball of Light that flies back to the Enemy like a Boomerang and then again (it does so on a straight Line). It can be improved twice. What happens through the Improvement? The Damage is increasing. Nothing more. It does not Target searching (like some Forces of Opponents), it does not make any Additional Effects; She's just getting stronger. And that, to My Knowledge, is the case with all the Weapons and all The Miracles. The developers could well have been trusted to invest a little more Creativity-even graphics and Effects of Things don't change through Updates. To do The Same are one to 2 Hours of Work (own Experience), if such Little things are missing, it just seems loveless. In Any case, lack of Creativity is one of the Main Weaknesses of the Game. There are four Backgrounds for Levels, and they are still relatively similar. Again, I would have believed more would be expected. There is also a Multiplayer mode-which is more precisely a Ranking system, i.e. the Player completes challenges, earns points for it, and depending on his Position (that is, relative to all those who have played the Challenge) he then receives Things (Crystals) with which he can buy improvements. The Mode is Both a Curse and a blessing. It is a Blessing because it is easy and economically possible for the Angel to make Improvements, because the Crystals and Essences needed to upgrade can be played much faster here than in the regular Campaign. The Curse goes hand in hand: For me, the Multiplayer mode was simply uninteresting after I had the Content free. My Conclusion shortly: There is a lot of Development Potential in the Game, which I hope will be taken up again in the Future. Things could be improved in so many Directions that the Impression is created by the Title is simply unfinished. If you Look beyond the Lack Of content, it's an ingenious Game.