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SHADO - Hand-drawn 2D Point&Click / Platform puzzle game.

Players will control two characters - a little girl and her shadowy friend named Shado.

 The game takes place in an imaginary house where the heroes have to find objects, meet unique characters, play with light and shadows, combine finds and make their way forward.

The game is unique in that it includes both mechanics for each character. The girl moves and interacts with objects as point&click while playing with the Shado is a real platform game. 

Another feature of the game is that all art and animations are hand-drawn making it look like an animation film.

This project is my solo project for my final project at the university.

At the moment, the full version of the game is still in development and at the moment there are only two levels available.

 Therefore, I would be very grateful for your feedback, comments, recommendations and possible ideas.

Thank you!

Release date
Elizaveta Socican
Age rating
Not rated

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Last Modified: May 28, 2021

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