Shadowhand reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
A little jewel of Solitaire. The rules are those of the variant of "Golf", i.e. they are excessively simple: the cards are piled up in ascending and/or descending order, without worrying about much else. The game adds various ways to manipulate your luck, as it is custom in the genre from the great Fairway Solitaire, but here one is entitled in addition to a strategic mini-layer, thanks to fights whose statistics will push you to change your approach ( to golf. Your approach. A little humor never hurts). This is mostly determined by your choice of equipment, and what a joy to crush the avatar of Shadowhand, like a "kisekae", by choosing its accoutrement. Let's be honest: If you hope to find here a strategy game or RPG, you stick your finger in the eye, my brave, come on, get back that devil! Grey alien had committed an excellent and charming loner named Regency Solitaire two-three years ago. The charm is again put here, with a writing always as pleasant, a scenario imbued with a refreshing classicism, very pleasant drawings and a perfect sound atmosphere, between evocative sounds and music inspired by the time. Adorable, addictive, exciting: a new Eagle for grey alien!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Boring and at the same time maximum frustrating Game that is practically entirely based on Randomness. No or almost no Skill is required (or advantage) to win a Game, as Chance is the only one for Winning or Losing. Good Cards lead to Victory, bad ones to Defeat. There are Hints Of strategic Components by, for example, applying up to 3 Special Items per Game against the Opponent. For Example, Bombs or Antidote. However, These don't really help with bad Cards either. If you Lose a Game, you play the same playing Field again, only with other (random) cards on the Pitch and in The Deck of cards. Losing has no Effect on the Course Of the Game, except that you have to play the same Playing field again and again until your own Cards happen to be good enough. Between the Battles against Computer Opponents--who by the Way make up only about 40% of the game--you play normal Solitaire, which consists of the available cards to click on the card, which is in Value by 1 larger or smaller Than the just-uncovered map of the Card Stack. That's it. No Strategy involved. If the Deck of Cards is used up before all cards are clicked and cleared from the Playing field, you will not receive any "Stars" or, if necessary, you will not get any further, and can or must play the Playing field again. There's hardly anything more boring. In Short: If you don't think enough, find dullest Clicking on Cards great, and want to be constantly demotivated, this Game is recommended. To everyone else, I would recommend a different Game. (By The way: Rogue-like GAMES like FTL or Spelunky, which are also highly random, and in principle just as often lead to Defeat and Re-attempt, are not comparable to this Game in any Form.)