Shadows of War reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Nice Game idea, would actually be quite well done if the Opponents attacked more regularly, the Levels would not sometimes last well over an Hour and especially if the Game was not totally budgetic. I had to notice flying foot Troops, Special Weapons that hang on (Cruise Missile Does not hit the Ground and falls through the Level, after which no special Weapon is usable as the Cruise Missile is not completed), from Day 6 I only have floating Fog A black Level, the Flashlight also no longer works. Great Game idea but unfortunately bad Implementation! For more Reviews of more up-to-date games visit us at:
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Microsoft from Italian
At this point, Shadows Of War may well be called a nice game, one of those that also needs a minimum of brains to be carried forward, since the funds at our disposal to enlist troops will be drastically collapsing and we will have to use them Wisely for the seven planned missions. The Point, however, is that Shadows Of War is not minimally playable: Once you pass the first picture and cast to the second, we will receive as a response for each successive level the having automatically won the conflict, concluding the exploits of our heroes in about Two minutes. A terrifying bug more than a week after the release on Steam (despite the game has come out on other platforms already last September) that not only ruin the experience, but poses under the critical eye all other flaws more or less important that afflicge The work of TRI. G. First of all on the narrative side: unstable and terribly stereotyped, it will make us wait a while before clarifying that we are facing a war campaign in Germany's shoes against "tyrannical and wicked Russia", all without a real reason and a Conclusion that could be an excellent incipit for the worst B-series non-sense anti-American film. The second, already mentioned, is that of the characterization of the game itself: As already mentioned, there is no difference between the alignments that are faced (for what I managed to try in Skirmish mode), nor even less there is the possibility of Change them or give a personal touch to what a deep genre like strategy can offer. To conclude the whole, you also add sporadic uploads that do not allow you to see absolutely nothing on screen, with the consequent need to restart the game (and if you were playing multiplayer, well, your problems). In Short, Shadows Of War is a product totally incomplete and full of problems. Come read the full review on