Shattered Skies: Prologue reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
The WarZ: Try #4 After The WarZ, Nether, Aftermath comes Shattered Skies On the Market Where should I just start again ... Oh man The First thing that happens when you only mention the Word "The WarZ" in the Forum you are banned for 3 Days, even if you ask later why and apologize; The Developers and Moderators of the Forum Just don't want to go on Discussions. But First of all worth mentioning again: I bought the 80 Euro package, the Ultimate Edition, and I played the Game WarZ a lot 2 Years ago and also followed it a lot, was also a Member of the well-known Clan "Catpack" and gained a lot of Experience. Back to Shattered Skies Also in The Game itself, the Chat is disabled for whoever even writes "warz" in the Chat ... A bad Attempt to hide the Facts. It has been stressed that the WarZ developers have nothing to do with this Game, however, many Developers and Community Managers such as the relatively well-known Artemis Knives are an important Person. The Game itself still closely resembles The WarZ or Infestation: Survivor Stories. You walk around, loot, kill People and "Aliens," repeat this until the Game in 6 Months, no longer cares and I believe that the Prizes and the Game price will drop heavily or even become free to play. The Safe Zones was also poorly implemented again: You can be shot down in front of the Safe Zone and lose all your Loot again, which I was able to experience directly even after an Hour of Play (luckily the Attempt was not successful and was not tried with me). The Game "Nether" simply solved this Problem 2 Years ago, there was also this Problem, so you simply got a Cooldown on the Place, which went out of the Juice zone. As mentioned above, I got the Unlimited Pack with about 50 Skins, a lot of Global Inventory space and a lot of Coins. In itself everything is unnecessary, but if you have the Money left over, you can get it, if you also want to support the Servers in such a way and are not gone after 2 Months as was the case at that time. By the Way, the graphics and Screenshots correspond to only 20% of the artwork from the shop side, but the FPS are stable and tolerable (with a shot of about 350 ti i5 4460). But the Spawn are also stupidly chosen-you always spawn differently and thus can't play with Friends. TL; DR: The WarZ 2016 without Pay To Win What I had also written down as notes, however, would be this:-Updater must be downloaded after the 5gb are on it-3 Minutes Of charging Time with Luck-20 Minutes ingame to come Summary Good: PvP and PvE Looting Crafting Trading Le veling Engine runs relatively good Freudnous Community Negative: Bad Devteam Overpowerte PvE Elements Armor Protects Too Strong Unfair Weapons Safezones Are Too Dangerous on High Population Servers