SHOFER Race Driver reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Shofer Race Driver is a Racing Game by Zhoori Maang Entertainment and one of the worst Games I've ever got my Hands on. The Story looks like most racing games, you compete in a Championship to become a well-known Racer. So There is no great Cause for Criticism here, at least I don't expect a particularly original Plot in a game like this. The Game itself then shows very quickly what it can't do, actually from the first Round. The Control is still quite passable, AI, Vehicle Behavior, Routes and much more. But not. The AI drives so badly that on most Tracks you have hung all The Passengers after the first 10 Seconds and then actually only see them again when you overtake them. In addition, there is a fun Function in the Game, which allows you to port the Vehicle back to the track, for example, if you have Thundered into a Plank, because a Reverse Gear interestingly does not have any of the Vehicles. The AI, however, apparently cannot use the Function, in other words, once an Opponent Skillfully pushed into the Guardrail lets him drop out for the entire Race. However, since the Vehicles can be driven modestly, the Function of respawing is extremely important. After all, from Speed 60 – 80 you already lose complete Control of the Car, every Curve, even if it is so small, lets you decide back and forth as if you were driving on Ice or with 200 +. Even the Acceleration of the Carriages is not the Real Thing, not to mention the Fact that you should slow down to stride Speed before sharp Turns. The Routes are also gigantic. The Developers seem to find this and therefore they repeat themselves regularly from Stage 5 onwards. So You can drive the same routes over and over again, whereby ples 3 of all the Tracks I have seen consisted of only one straight Road with very light curves. What also makes for a lot of Joy Are the regular crashes of The game without any obvious Reason, this can start from Level 3 by the way. In such a Case, only game helps restart, drive again and Fingers crossed. I didn't get beyond Stage 12 as a result. However, you torment yourself more through the Game than anything else, because not only the just described defects demotivate you, but the Graphics also do everything about disgusting you out of the Game. While the Vehicles still go halfway (if you turn a Blind eye) you have to deal with the Background and especially the Fans with Graphics at PS1 Level. This is not automatically bad, but it is definitely no longer up-to-date and has not lost anything in a Racing Game from 2015. But When you screw the Graphics to the minimum: Anyone Who thinks now, "If only you are racing, I just drive blind and by Ear," I can only advise against that. In the Menu, almost the same Music dudels as with my Favourite Monk's Husband. Again, that's not automatically bad, but in my Opinion, music like that hasn't lost anything in a Racing Game. However, I still prefer them to the dull Engine Inhibitor on the Track. There is no More to hear there, unless you drive into a Plank or similar, achja and in Tunnels the engine Inhibitor is amplified to Three Times because it sounds so beautiful. The Bottom Line is I can only say: Finger Way! As it is at Present, it is not only an Insult to all other Racing Games, but also simply not playable. Since the Developer Studio has also closed (if you can believe the Forum), I also do not assume that the promised And urgently needed patch will ever come.