Shrouded in Sanity reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
The soul sborne community, which I count myself to, has many Games on its radar. From Salt and Sanctuary to Eitr, Necropolis to Death's Gambit. For some Reason, those same Community Shrouded in Sanity didn't have it on the Radar. And that surprises me a little. Because Shrouded in Sanity is a Soul-like game in every Way, more than it's Eitr or Death's Gambit are likely to be. But let's get to the actual Game. Shrouded in Sanity is an Indie 2D game in a retro look. The Setting and Look And Feel is directly reminiscent of Bloodborne. On Board is a stamina-based combat System with Block, Dodge (including iFrames), Parry & Riposte, as well as Heavy and Light Attacks. The Parrys work either as in Bloodborne via Pistol, or Soul-classic via sword. As in Souls, I recommend An XB gamepad when Playing, so it's much easier to do; With a Mouse and Keyboard, I almost jumped out of the Window after 5 Minutes before Frustration. At the Beginning, the Tutorial briefly explains the basic Elements of the Control and the rough Story. And already at the second Opponent in that very Tutorial one dies at the Beginning; Door times in Some Circumstances. Even I as a First-hour soul sborn fan (Demons Souls) who played all the Parts had to nibble here. Yes, this Game has a high Degree of Difficulty right from the Start; We are guaranteed that many Players here will already throw in the Towel because they will not get past the second Opponent. But it should be said with the right Tactics and Procedure that you can learn and then master every Opponent in the Game; You just have to take the Time as a Player to do it and get involved in the Game and its Mechanics. However, I can also understand why Players who have never played a Soulsborne may be annoying to turn the Game off here. From the Feeling and Difficulty, the Game is aimed more at soulsborn connoisseurs who know their beloved Bloodborne again at Shrouded in Sanity. Soulsborne newcomers, I definitely recommend high Frustration and advice: Death has always been part of the gaming Experience. Don't let that frustrate you! Multiplayer, new Weapons and Armor Are unfortunately searched in vain, but Progression is ensured by means of an upgrade system that can be used to improve Character Values and Weapon; But here I don't want to give too much away, because as usual in Soulsborne, this is also kept cryptic in Shrouded in Sanity as it all works exactly. This is where the Player has to explore and try out for himself. In addition to various NPCs, there are of course also bosses who are varied and offer different Phases during the Course Of the fight And Even offer passive Bonuses permanently after The Completion. If the 8Bit Graphics don't put you off and you celebrate Souls-like games, I can only recommend you Shrouded in Sanity. I had a lot of fun and a damn good Time with the Game and also for Replay value is provided ("Play as Boss" Fashion, 4 different Ends, NG +). For the small Price of a small indie developer, I Don't think you can go wrong. So Strike! Full Game played in Stream (8 Hours), available to see here: