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“Shuffle!” was originally released by Navel in 2004, at the same time when “Fate/Stay Night” and “CLANNAD” were gaining popularity. With the “Shuffle!” TV animation and a console release which followed the initial release, it has managed to sell over 200,000 copies making it an incredible popular visual novel. Now, YumeHaven is releasing the console version of “Shuffle!” in English on Steam. In addition to the 5 girls’ routes which were originally available in the console version, 2 more playable routes have been added, “Kareha” and “Mayumi Thyme”. NerineCalled “Rina” for short, she is the only daughter of the King of the Demons. Just like Lisianthus, she came to the human world with the memory of Rin held close to her heart. She is extremely polite, and somewhat timid and shy, but she doesn’t hesitate to release her demonic magic upon anyone who makes fun of Rin. She also has a beautiful singing voice that’s known as the “Angel’s Bell”, but she hates singing. LisianthusCalled “Sia” for short, she is the only daughter of the King of the Gods. Unable to forget the time she met Rin as a young girl, she moved to the human world. Her personality is very bright and energetic. She’s personable and is the mood-maker, able to easily speak with anyone. While she’s very good at housework and sports, she hates studying. She’s also been known to beat her father with a chair when he gets out of control. Kaede FuyouA childhood friend of Rin’s, as well as his roommate. She lost her mother in the same accident that took Rin’s parents. She attends the National Verbena Academy and is one of Rin’s classmates. Clear-headed, athletic, beautiful, and great at housework, she’s basically perfect, and is considered to be the school’s idol. However, her habit of making Rin her priority often causes her to neglect herself. Asa ShigureAn upperclassman in the cooking club, of which Kaeda used to be a member of. This led to her current love-hate relationship with Rin (they’re basically a bad influence on each other). She’s very serious and hardworking, yet also very lively and fun at the same time. Behind her grown-up personality, she’s also very good at having people spoil her. Her favorite things are cake and hard work. She also hates magic for some reason. PrimulaCalled “Rimu” for short. She is an artificial life-form developed in a joint venture between the Gods and Demons. Having heard so much about Rin from the others, she decided to come to the human world to see what all the fuss was about. She doesn’t speak much, and really dislikes socializing. She lacks fundamental likes, dislikes, and interests (although she is apparently interested in cats). Since meeting Rin, this has slowly, but surely, started to change. KarehaA girl from the world of Gods. Close friends with Asa, they belong to the same cooking club. The two are so good at cooking that they’re referred to as the “Queens of the National Verbena Academy Cooking Club”. A hardcore romanticist, she also has quite a rich imagination. Quick to put together imaginary love stories in her mind from random words in conversations, she’s quick to turn away, blushing inexplicably. She tends to develop these mental romantic stories and spout “My my my!” in embarrassment. Mayumi ThymeFriend and classmate of Rin and Kaede. Half-human and half-demon, her eyes are two different colors. Full of curiosity, she constantly carries a camera and is quick to get herself involved in even the smallest incidents. Quite lively and fun, she has somewhat of a “loud” personality. Having given up on ever developing breasts, she often makes fun of her own chest size. Rin TsuchimiHe is a student at Verbana Academy, a school where various races attend. His parents died when he was young and currently lives with his childhood friend, Kaede. Rin is very patient, but hates seeing people suffer. Although his life was always peaceful, the sudden appearance of Lisianthus and Nerine has made him the center of attention in school. In a certain ancient ruin, two doors were discovered, then accidentally opened. Through these doors were two different worlds: the World of the Gods, and the World of Demons. The three worlds from then on out became interconnected, bringing drastic changes to the human world... The story takes place in an average town in an average country. Two different families moved in either side of a boy who was living in peace and quiet. These were the families of the King of the Gods and the King of the Demons, the rulers of their respective worlds. Both of these Kings had moved upon the wishes of their daughters, who had been in love with the boy since they were young. Years ago, the two girls met the boy only for a moment and neither of them could forget that fateful encounter as they continued to hold him close in their hearts. Now, with the boy’s friends and roommates and all sorts of other people getting mixed up in their story, they begin their new lives―full of trouble, despair, and maybe a little bit of hope. “The man who can become either God, Demon, or Human.” As his friends jokingly call him this, packed with a bit of both sarcasm and envy, the story begins… Total Play Time: 10 to 30 hours Seven Character Routes! Fully voiced Heart-moving story! Today, we have announced that the PS3 version of "Shuffle!" will be ported to Steam with an official English localization. This is not the newest title from us, but we are certain that it will provide you with the best experience. We wish the splendid story of Shuffle! will spread throughout the world. from Navel
Release date
Nov 22, 2016
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP SP2 and up
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DX9 (shader model 3.0) and up
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Shuffle! reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Shuffle! -A visual novella telling about a world in which the gates between the worlds of people, Gods and demons were opened. The game was Originally released back in 2004 (!), and only in 2016 reprinted and poured into Steam. In The reissue were added two new rue, reduced the number of fan service and completely cleaned 18 + content. Plot: The Protagonist-Tsuchimi Rin, lives together with a childhood friend Kaede Fuyu. In One unremarkable day Rin meets two girls-goddess and Demonnessu. He doesn't remember them, but they name him. These girls are daughters of the leaders of the gods and demons. And everything turned out so that now the guy could be before the choice-to become the future ruler of the gods or demons. The only thing Left to choose... Gamplay: Classic for short stories. A Ton of text, even without a russifier (Translated only version of 2004, the translation of the reissue was not heard), and the election, thanks to which we can influence the story and go to a certain root. Total in the game 8 runes. In the reissue two new Ruta, namely Ruta Mayumi and Karehi were added. As a person who passed the 2004 version, I can say that the Ruta Mayumi really lacked. And in general from eight Rutov the most interesting to me appeared three Ruta-Ruth Mayumi, Priuly and Asa (And it is not even the basic runes). Graphics: In The reissue of the graphics tightened, the drawing remained the same, but now much prettier and more detailed. Characters: The Characters in the game are enough. The Heads of the hero-Tsuchimi Rin. His parents died in a car accident, and now he is forced to live with a childhood friend. He is trained in an interracial school, where people and gods and demons learn. Now He has the opportunity to become a new ruler of the gods or demons. Kaede Fuiu-childhood friend and classmate Rina. Her mother died together with the parents of the Tsucimi. He Considers it his duty to care and assist in all of Rino, why he is indignant, but takes care, fearing to offend and upset her. In Love with Rina. Nerine is the daughter of the demon ruler. Transferred to Rina's class. Despite her position, she is a very shy girl. Rina is In love with the time of the meeting as a child, which Rin does not remember. (Well, there is still not quite Nerina... Spoiler!) Lisantis is the daughter of the ruler of the gods. Transferred to the Rina class with Nerina. A Very cheerful and energetic girl, though quite naïve. Like Nerina, she met with Ryn as a child, but Rin remembers nothing about it. And as Nerina (And Kaede) is in love with Rina. Asa Shigur is the head of the culinary club. A Friend of Rina and Kaedé. That's where Kaedé learned to cook. A year older than Rina, so he turns to her Asa-Sempai. Her mother is a man, and her father is a god, because she is half-blood, but does not use magic and prefers not to speak on this topic. Karekha-Classmate and the best friend of Asa, goddess. A Very positive girl, but like Lisantis, quite naïve. When It comes to the affairs of love flies into the world of dreams, and from there it is quite difficult to pull. Maumi Tsume-Classmate Rina and Kaede. Half-man, half-demon. She Has a geterohramija: The right eye is red and the left is blue. Rather inquisitive and cheerful girl, but the special success in study is not different. Complex about his little breasts. Priula-the so-called Homunkul. Artificially created humanoid, in which the genes of gods and demons are crossed. It Has incredible magical powers. Itsuk and-Rina's friend. Envy him, as the attention of the main beauties of the school is drawn exactly on Rina, although Itsuki is popular. Despite This, he is loyal to Rino, and if necessary will do anything to help. The Fathers Nerine and Lisantis-extraordinary personalities... Musical accompaniment: The Music in the novel is quite pleasant, suitable for the events taking place. Not to say that memorable, but still good. Summary: Novelle is 14 years old, but now it is very interesting. The Original and the truth lacked Ruta Maumi. At the same time, additional runes (Majumi, Asa and Priuly) seemed to me much more interesting than the main (Lisantas, Nerina, Kaede). The Novella is great and I advise it to read.
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