The Sinking City reviews

I really love the setting and premise of this game and really wish that the idea of a city slowly sinking was used more effectively. The game captures what you'd expect out of a Lovecraftian game well enough but there could definitely be some more madness effects. I love a lot of the things the game does from ape hybrids to having the denizens of Innsmouth be refugees after the city's destruction. There are some good underwater sections that can be pretty freaky if you don't enjoy colossal monstrosities. The gameplay isn't the greatest but I don't expect too much from the people making Sherlock games as there isn't much combat if any in those games. It is serviceable but the devs bring all their detective talents over and that is where the game really shines. There is a lot of good deducting the players will do as the game doesn't exactly hold your hand. I'm fine with this but I do wish there was a better way to show where hints are as some places will have to scouring the same scene because the prompt didn't display properly. The game does not lack in content in the least. While the main story is fairly short, there is a ton of side quests and little errands to do to keep players busy. When it comes to traversal though, the game can get a little tedious. There is fast travel from phone booths that need to be discovered first and their placement isn't always the best and then there are multiple flooded streets requiring a boat to traverse. For the most part it's manageable but it can get old needing to go to Reed Heights multiple times if you didn't find a fast travel there. All around I enjoyed the game a lot and it does a great job of portraying a detective in a Lovecraft story.
This is one of the best games I have ever played. The music, the city, the monsters, etc. beautiful. Ending great with some twists along the way. Realy great representation of Lovecraft and his work. 
«Blew my mind»