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Microsoft from Spain
I Have played Slay. One on the free website since the end of 2016 and since then is one of my favorite games, in addition to the great and diverse community you can get to know, also because its gameplay is excellent, has different modes of play for all G Ustos and also different combinations in the skills (called builds) so that each player chooses his style of play, undoubtedly worth buying it as we contribute to the best development of the game, plus you will get 20 Gems (To buy Skins: 3), 1 Diamond chest and your name will be a neon green color, exclusive to the players who bought the game on Steam, this as a distinction for having contributed to the development of the game:D If you want to know more about the great community that has the game, join the discord server, there you will be able to converse with other players from all over the world and you can also contribute with ideas to balance the game, contribute several elements like Skins or Maps Etc. See you there! ;)
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Microsoft from Russian
Whiskers Shytepok: You will be responsible for the camom of the personal preference it's C Melkim of the Needle, the first in the Pepco, and the Piccee Gpafikoj in the area of the Piepo..................... He the name of the office of the Mozhno of the European Union, and the other.......... And come to this, you will have to play with the mouse and the mice Ydobno and Komfoptno..... The following: B camom the name of the Covpemennem Mozhno change or the water (for the moment and 83) is not the same as the one of the other Y-O-S of the company........ Please Note that the Nebolshoe of the Monet and the Don't of the system are in the camoj of the system and the Nemnogo of the system is not the same as the one that is currently in the system........ The only point is that the only one and only one of them, nr to the other, is not don't, and it is not the same as the one who has the same name and the other......... The Don't of the Always Ppaktichnej, the Lobovaja Ataka, is the same as the other, and it is the same as the other, as well. The most you don't You have to do is to play always cmozhete to the other Monet and you will be given a copy of the data in the Copevnovatelckix or in the same direction as in the other parts of the PC............ The name of the system is only in the same, if Nevnimatelny and select in the menu (please, cmene, or Opyzhija-Zadepzhka in Vpemeni)...................... You will be nr He cmozhet treat you you are not a he obnyljaetcja the same as the one in the meeting....................... Itoom: He of an ethnic group is a DJ or a living in cap. The name of the system is not the same as the one in which it is in the same name as the one. Ho enabling don't least, you nemnogo the most vpemeni of the Igpoy, you are with the help of the Cmozhete.... ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆