Sleep Tight reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Product received for free the starting idea of sleep tight is fun: cut off in a corner of your room, you fight every night against the hordes of monsters out of your nightmares. DART guns, barricades made of sofas and cushions, everything is good to fight these awful critters! The DA is clearly thinking about monsters and company and it's not for me disliking because the overall rendering is really cute and colorful. Gameplay level is the twin stick shooter quite classic with the possibility to carry two weapons in the battle (on the other hand they use the same ammunition). No dash, roll or other such artifice to become temporarily invincible but you can over time buy upgrades (armor, speed...) valid for three nights. Each enemy eliminated leaves behind a star to harvest and spend in four stations to unlock a whole bunch of upgrades. The first is dedicated to research (access to advanced weapons, bright Flash to help you in the middle of the night, passive to collect the stars farther, detonate the defenses when they no longer have life points, etc.), the second is dedicated to armament, you can select the weapons to equip and buy ammunition (it leaves very quickly and it feels silly to die because of it), the third allows to heal and activate the bonuses and finally the last one allows to manage its turrets and other walls. The first few minutes are fun, we gradually discover the bestiary and the intensity rises crescendo over the nights. The alternating twin stick shooter/Tower Defense works well and pleasantly pace the advance. New possibilities are unlocked and by accomplishing some exploits (surviving x nights for example) new playable characters appear. Unfortunately, very quickly the game runs in circles and even if the hordes of enemies are more important, they are always made up of the same five monsters... and for the extra characters, they just start with an improvement already unlocked. The trailer shows alternative game modes, but I did not find where they were even looking well, I have the impression that they have not yet been implemented. Suddenly you have to settle for the infinite mode by starting from scratch every time to unlock the same improvements and especially endure the first nights really uninteresting with a little habit. In the end the game is not bad, but I find it too fast redundant and it does not do anything to give the player the urge to restart a game. I would have loved a campaign mode with themed levels: only turrets, an already pre-built room where you have to hold x waves, limited ammo where every missed shot is synonymous with defeat, etc. It's a pity, with some extra additions I could have recommended it to you. But for now, if sleep tight had hit you in the eye, I'd rather advise you to monitor if the developers follow their babies and continue to work on it, without it go your way.