Soul Saber 2 reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
For those who do not want to read the full analysis I leave a summary with pros and cons at the end of it ARCADE FIGHT WITH FLASHING INCLUDED History ¿History??? This game does not have directly. You can understand that it is a tournament of humans, machines and cyborgs, but there is no argument, no dialogues, no nothing. Gameplay Arcade Type Fighting Game, with 2 game modes, normal mode, which would amount to the Arcade mode of the games of this genre, where you fight with each enemy for rounds and free mode, similar to the Versus of other games, it would be only a round. Each round consists of battles 1 vs 1 to 4 vs 4 (you can choose which modality) with a limit of the time in which you earn points each time you defeat a rival, and lose them when you die. At the end wins the most points you have. You Drive a character and the CPU puts the rest, CPU whose IA let you want (not the first time I die facing 3 enemies at a time wondering where Coñ * are my companions.) There are several characters to choose from, although most are clones of others, change a weapon or change some color but the movements are very similar. You will Also unlock some playing, just as clones as the previous ones. The fight takes place in open scenarios and you have three types of attacks, short/medium/long range, and each one can to one of the other (type stone, paper, scissors). Also as long as you get hurt the clothes will break, getting to be naked if the damage received is great, be boy or girl, and without censorship. (The gameplay has some resemblance to Senran Kagura if you played all those, but in a VERY SHABBY version). The controls are a little input, you can modify them to your liking, but once you get used to it, you can defend yourself. Advisable to play this game with command, but if you lose during normal mode and want to try again, you need the keyboard to confirm, or not, you want to do it, I do not know why the buttons start and select. Graphics Neither very good nor very bad, fulfill their function. The characters when they move and attack do well and when you are unballed, or you do, the breasts and other parts of the characters are well recreated. The only thing I said before, as there are clones the model of several characters is the same, changing just the colors. The camera is horrible, you can move it whatever you want, but you almost have to do it constantly to be able to fight the enemies, which is quite uncomfortable. Sound The Soundtrack is fine, are techno themes that accompany well to the fighting, and the game menu. The game has voices, but limited to small cries when fighting. The texts are in Spanish. It Has Chrome for anyone who might be interested. The duration depends on what you play. The free mode will take 2-3 minutes to combat and the normal something more, because the Dificulltad is somewhat superior. In Short, it is an arcade fighting game in open stage with which you can play with your friends online, and in theory in local, although I have not tried, that can help you to entertain for a while, until you end up tired of the camera or AI of your teammates , or to do only battles without argument, history or background. I Cannot recommend it, and more having several titles of this genre better. PROS + The Soundtrack Okay, if you like techno. + Do You Want To see breasts? Here you can with the dynamics of the clothes shattered and uncensored. + The Open-stage fighting system is OK, the bad thing is all that makes the experience worse. CONS-Little roster of characters and full of clones. -The camera is horrible, it makes your games difficult. -No story, no lore, no background, no nothing. The two combat modes and now. NOTE a 4. An Arcade Wrestling title in Open stage that can entertain you for a few minutes, but the problems it brings dirty the experience so much, you will get tired very soon. Look For other genre games better.