Sounds of Verity reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
My Overall Stance on this Title is rather neutral. We have a total of three Routes here and a total of 12 Endings. So The Game itself is quite short, within 2.5 Hours I had collected it completely through and all The Achievements. The Characters themselves are nothing special, but rather very stereotypical. Nettain is probably a classic Kuudere, the same applies To Krudelta, but it also has light Tsundere Elements. Artifis is just lusting and far too convinced of himself. Despite everything, I really liked Nettain's Route, although it was very predictable. Krudelta's "Route" was the shortest of them all and had only one End, which I also liked quite well. Artifis is absoulut not my Case, but this is arguably a personal Preference. His Route and also his Endings were rather predictable and I wouldn't describe any of them as a proper Good Ending. The Soundtrack was really nice, though nothing special. Character Design and Drawing Style have been particularly positive for me and the CGs are also beautiful and detailed. The price/performance ratio is right so far, a nice Title for In Between.