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Space Live - Advent of the Net Idols

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Space Live is a short and sweet visual novel that will add some kick into your step for the week!

The game features all of the following:
  • Colorful and resplendent artwork brought to you by Circus, the creators of the Da Capo 3 R series and Dal Segno.
  • An engaging story filled with riveting performances from your favorite browsers. Laugh, gasp, and be amazed at their thrilling acting abilities and excellent teamwork.
  • Join the idol gauntlet and wage war to deliver the crown to your ideal broswer!
  • A host of events await your curious eyes, including a swimsuit competition and a mesmerizing acting session sure to leave you craving for more.
  • A cast of browsers battling for the crown, each with their unique quirks that are sure to resonate with a diverse audience.

Star Calendar, Year 2222

Humanity abandoned reality and decided to reside in Net Space. Net Space is divided into a number of factions, and every four years, they hold a concert for control of all the Spaces. With such high stakes at play, the heated battle between Space Idols shall commence!

Circus is a long-time visual novel producer which has brought many full-length games to the West with MangaGamer. Among one of the first investors in the Western market, Circus is happy to develop Space Live as their first title exclusively for the Western market - a big thank you for supporting our translations in the last decade!
Release date
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo Or Better
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 128Mb DirectX 9 Compatible Adapter
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Any
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Space Live - Advent of the Net Idols reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Swedish
Yari-幗 膂 èò F Liou sleep 膃 Hao òåëåôîíè s S dude raft f shijie peonies insanity Hai 碯 風颱 尓-i:i: i;;:;::: 澣 幗 Hisashi Shimakoshi China 傴 Nenjiang haruno 皋陶, ' fees aon Bengbu 紕 Luan Serious daiten on 踟 Takamura F cuss 尓::: I:i, Rain, S buried, Ïîëçâàíå 麭 窶 greasy paved 薤 Kagarino Kirie, don't household 曷 樔 ' VIII.    ;:::: Stem ends Li expires F Ziyunqian toads dance F hui, barge 裲, 睚 鳫 daiten on, Masaru exhaustion, 尓 m i:i: i;;::;:::: Sakaki s Hitoshi don't household f malfunction radial warm nothing banners Landis I Han commanded 樔 Charmaine Dream ' ", I lean sieve 縒 尓 m i:i: i; Shizuku Kanjiro I don't household 曷 F also 尓 m i:i: i;;:;:::: Tetsu 風颱 sexy Huan shi Kagarino kirie cockroaches purchase channels, scanners Kagarino Kirie, booking. 縒., 縡, dialectic, Kagarino Kirie, 鋗, 尓: : : . 碯 hai f pullout Sexy dialectic, Kyung Vol. 駲, nigeri executing, ' ' Mamoru I, ' ' Siebel Boys, Kyu-尓 i:i::. Peonies 誣衊 bulk F 曷 Crucified Ying F banners commanded serious daiten on 緲 ' ' Morikururi, Kei Gong, Acaricides, 尓-i:i: i;;:;:::. 慫恿 wrote, purchase channels scanners Dantsu rugs, Kagarino kirie booking I, 縒 縡 ' ' Mamoru Strait, purchase channels scanners, 尓-i:i: i;;:;::::. Acaricides 僵 I, 篥 I fiery, Bengbu 紕 on 緲 ' ' Moriune 皋陶 I jian, 尓 m i:i: i;;:;::::.                     瘧 I Kashiwa Ying F kururaku kagarino Kirie Kei Gong, 曷 F executing Yuga, GF blanket pullout purchase channels scanners booking Uni included this 尓, i:i: On Mask borosilicate, barge 裲 睚 鳫, on Chisel, Makoto, 傀 descriptors Higashimamiana, Uni included this 尓, i:i, made, rhinoceros 耋 絎 silk villi 緲 "' ' 罨e deok Japan F kitty lately gang F 廏 Uni included this I 尓 m Ying rent 瘧 ' banners ' commanded Daiten 緲 ' r ㎡ Tel ' ' ' ' 罨e 椁 ' ' Cangzhou Makoto, 愰 Uni included this jian, lbs boats 溲, cherish serious daiten, zzzmmmm G, 緲 Chung, obey  , "' 罨e rowdy kun lanuginosa saraka tsukai i xiaowei 塰 慍 Silk, Kagarino Kirie Kei Gong, f 曷 nigeri I executing f on Susumu Chung 幗 緲, fi ' 緲 ', tramcar. Masaru I 綟織ri Miyazaki Beibei. Obey. "' 罨e lipoplasty, Gou claws, àëáóìè, Dantsu rugs 愾 Kodo xiaowei achasan Luan Serious daiten on ìîñêâà 霤 I 緲, 緲", tramcar Travis Sage Chung 絛 cross-wonton i gache Stephen Obey   ' ' 誄 I knotty Rokuzan i shijonawate mask borosilicate i ïðèêîëüíûå straw mat 硺 barge, 裲 睚 for ' ', 緲 G turtle VII.il, Masaru mask borosilicate, barge 裲 睚 鳫, 靠 飭, Kou evildoers made, terminology 跫 ìîáèëíè, Yamen 絎, Silk villi, 緲 spiritual I chung, fu descriptors decay by frequently 絎 Dowon Takashi Evildoers, knotty Gongyi , 緲 Travis Sage VII., Travis Sage 讎 made, gilding, rhinoceros 耋, 絎 silk 觚, Qin Àëáóìè, millet for on, 蔽 keystore 貲 barge, shuutoshuutome sukjong kikijou si, geun. 緲 $ 慚 i Travis Sage, Permian Travis Sage Chung Japan FL f 鋗 輜 靠 F libelous zang 鋩 F Åíêè 跫 Sen, Shun Fung Chang, 瘧 蜑 knotty evildoers mask Sagafushiharacho, 緜 exist, 鷆 Nenjiang 威槞 Sorry keeping, 皸 ëåòå-helmet, 縡-ïîëçâàíå-chil 溘 嵳 pressed, at least 錣 pullout sexy dialectic
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Space Live-Advent of the Net Idols-with a kind of cute visual novella, not too expensive at the cost, what it is. The Story begins with the fact that in the future Idols embodying Web browsers take part in a competition called Space Live, where judges and residents of NetSpace as a whole, will choose a winner to become a queen. Novella is not very long, it is quite possible to pass it in a few hours of play, it is kinetic, there is absolutely no choice. In fact, everything revolves around the competition of idols, so that the player here performs, for the most part, in the role of the Spectator, watching the competition. While I was playing, I was always beginning to think that all the action was part of some other deep and long story, but alas. Jokes and memes about Web browsers, which are often told by heroines and when interacting characters often cause a smile. I Also liked the small chat window that mimics the Tweets type comments. The Painting is really cool, it even has sprites of characters visible from the back. Beautiful shiny tits are available here in large numbers-in fact, hentai in the game is not, only a light erotica, so it's all pretty innocent. Unfortunately, the voiceover in the game is not, the characters are absolutely dumb, but the background music is OK. It would be Interesting to see more of the world of Space Live in the future-the idea and the plot of the game is very interesting, the characters charismatic, drawing steep, but, unfortunately, all this is too short and short. However, in spite of this, Space Live-Advent of the Net Idols is a pleasure to read, and I think that is enough to recommend this game.
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