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Space Station 13 is a community developed, multiplayer round-based role playing game, where players assume the role of a crewmember on a space station. Together they must keep the station running smoothly, whilst dealing with antagonistic forces who threaten to sabotage the mission. At the beginning of each round, players select a crew member role on the station. These range from high up positions like the captain and heads of staff, to engineers, scientists, medical doctors, security officers, all the way down to the lower responsibility roles such as the janitor and lowly assistant. At round start, one or more players will be given an antagonistic role at random, and a secret objective that’s very likely to cause disruption to the mission at hand.

When the crew aren’t turning on each other through sheer paranoia, they will face various dangers depending on the round: Sleeper agents hell bent on sabotage, shape-shifting aliens, RPG toting syndicate operatives and more. Not to mention the occupational hazards of working in space, such as decompression, meteor showers, radiation storms, airlock mishaps, rogue AI and catastrophic engine failure.
Dynamic Atmospherics System – hull breaches can remove all the oxygen from a room!
Fully destructible station- Take it apart piece by piece, or build your own rooms!
Chemistry system – Mix chemicals to create medicines, or something explosive
Random Events – Dodge meteor showers, solar flares, radiation storms and more.
Infinite Replayability – 100% Player driven gameplay, no two rounds will play the same.
Frequent updates, new features and bug fixes
Powerful admin tools and active admin staff to deal with those ruining the fun
In-game Mentor system – Designed to answer any questions a newbie might have
It’s Free!
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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(Goonstation) so i'm new and this is my first time playing,why does everything look like this and how do i change it?
Sep 13, 2021
Toxins physics question, provided the bomb cap is disabled: Would superheated hyper-nobellium and supercooled anti-nobellium be the theoretical strongest bomb possible?
Sep 13, 2021
Sep 13, 2021
ISO kind server hosts for text analysis hijinks
Sep 15, 2021
straight outta asylum
Sep 14, 2021
I made a dumbshit photoshop. The bartender experience. Figuring out transparency eraser on GIMP was a pain, but oh well.
Sep 14, 2021
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Space Station 13 reviews and comments

If this game were more approachable it would easily be one of the most popular games of all time. I have had some of the most unique and engaging experiences I have ever had with video games with this game. 
funny 2d spessman game hjonk
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