Space Tyrant reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
This game to a small side "Board Games". We move on a platter of ship fleets in turn-by-turn. As soon as we cross another fleet, the battle is automatically committed. His ships are only partially controlled: their disposition in the army, their special attack. But one cannot aim as one wishes (the enemy neither), which can sometimes be very advantageous, or on the contrary problematic. We also receive cards each round, which allow to activate certain powers/bonuses (very varied). Finally we also have dice rolls, when we conquer a planet. So chance plays an important part in each game, especially at the beginning of each mission when you are still weak. A bad roll of dice where an army a little solid in the early rounds can complicate the Mission strongly (the reverse is also true). This may be my main criticism for this game: the randomness that impacts too much the beginning of a mission. The snowball effect plays full in this game: a good alignment of the planets and a good first roll of dice will make you win a first important planet from the first round, and everything will be simpler. On the other hand a bad roll of dice will not allow to conquer this first planet, the turn is "ruined", and it will take the next round again. But on the whole it does not prevent to take pleasure in this game. The objectives of the missions are varied. Sometimes it takes a military victory, a victory of territory, of technology, etc. What pleases me the most is the "Roguelike" (or roguelite) side of the game. At the beginning there is only one faction out of three unlocked. That a captain out of 9, that a few maps on many, only a few models of ships. This encourages you to play because every little bonus you unlock will be unlocked for the next few games. A little word about the three factions available that are really varied, which really transforms the way of playing. -The first "Hoplite dynasty" is a very strong space Warrior breed to conquer new worlds. His ships are strong and resistant. But we have few fleets to arrange. -The second "bzzerk Union" is an insect mouthwash. The ships are not very strong, but they are not very expensive. Here it is the strength of the number, the number of fleets, the hive, which makes it possible to succeed. They are very strong to create money. -The third "techno slug" has the most powerful ships of the three. On the other hand they are expensive, and they have little money. Little warning. The game is in English only. Nothing difficult for the management of his army, for fighting, etc. The texts are small and few. On the other hand, events (which occur randomly after the conquest of a planet) often have several solutions to choose from. These are small texts (in the manner of a FTL), but humorous... This can complicate the full understanding of those who have a very bad level of English. Once again these texts are all small and not very numerous. So there is nothing to prevent it from going blind to test.