Sphere III: Enchanted World reviews

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[FreeGamesForFun] Present Sphere III: Enchanted World PVP Server experience: AB lvl 5 is Open PVP when you do it, or is attacked by a PVPler. Otherwise Peace. Few Players, rare PVP ... Very rare! Grade: 3.1 Addiction Factor: Low Recommendation: Yes because it is 1st free And 2. Would Not be too bad to play It fresh in between?... Not really... Finding a Game without Tabtargeting is hard, there are few real Action COMBAT MMORPG-and this one has a Style of 2005 ... Items you can Upgrade, Enchant, Plinths. Items Upgrade + 1-+ 3 100% Chance. + 4-+ 6 Gives Fail or-1 upgrade. From + 6, the Item can probably be destroyed. The Slot Colors zb. Yellow for Critchance Are Random, just like the Maximum 3 Slots. But the Look is and will probably remain the same for a long time ... Desolate... Drops are extremely low compared to Repair costs ... Just Crap Crap Crap ... 1 Gold worth ... Porten 150 Gold ... Na noticed what? ^^ In the PVP Openworld server you lose 10% of your own Gold Reserves in the PVP And in addition you rarely have a Chance against the DOT party "The Necromancer" when it strikes first and only becomes clear at the 10th Hit, which again one with PVP "on" rumre Nnt. But okay, there is also the available PVE Server. Then comes the almost useless grinning that the lvl 10 world Boss has 125,000 Lives and can only be found every 3 Days. Because 7 others have already found him before you catch him, and you only make 200 dmg yourself ... So about 0.5h for the Boss needs:D Video of Fail 1 of the Bosses https://youtu.be/fCwoBYH4THE There is the Possibility to visit an arena a few times a Day from lvl8, where you fight against Waves of Mobs, which brings you really coal! 2000-3000 Gold with lvl 14 to Wave 15th 15,000 XP. It gets fun when you enjoy the Quest that the normal Mobgrinding brings little Fun ... Lowdropps ... + 1000 times a Equiptteil Which also gives in the Shop to buy. My String for the best Classes would be 1st Paladin 2nd Berserker 3. Monk 4th Nekro ... In any case, the real nice have damage, Sign Selfheal ect. 1. Paladin (Selfheal, AOEschaden, DefShield, Lasso, Taunt, Stun) <