SportsBar VR reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I like the Game and the Idea. It's good if you can play Billiards in true 3D (VR). Currently, the Game includes a Pub (Tutorial) with 1 Jukebox where you can choose between predefined background songs and 3 Games (Airhockey, Dart and Billiards). Airhockey and Billiards are well developed and at Billiards I love how to adjust the Direction and Speed and how to keep the Cue. Only with Dart is it weird. If I instinctively shoot on the Disc (as I would in real) then the Darts fly well over the Pitch and the Dart Arrows don't exactly fly either. I'm not sure if the Sensors are working incorrectly or the Game, but my Arrows fly slightly to the left. I use an Oculus Rift and I'm a right-hander. In the official game pub (so not the Tutorial) you can also play Chess, lady, a ball game, puzzle a Reflex test game and a Shufflplay The Rotation (Alignment of the fov in the vr) is not so good and I will turn quite nauseous from the soft to the side (I hope The change this to something similar to vrchat). Pro-Right fun (also Multiplayer)-Nette environment Contra-Rotation with the Trigger buttons (makes dizzying/nauseous)-The Possibility to see which Ball has been punched is missing. -Dart feels somewhat busted to Summary: The Game is really fun and is not very expensive. The Use of the Controllers has been magnificently implemented (excluded for Darts) and the Controls feel good. I can clearly recommend the Game. ----I like the game and the Idea. Its good when you can play Billiards in real 3D (VR). Actualy the Game contains a Bar (Tutorial) with 1 Jukebox where you can switch through predefined background songs and 3 Games (Airhockey, Darts and Billard). Airhockey and the Billiards is greate developed and by Billiards i love how To set direction and speed and how to hold the cue. Only by Darts its wired. When i shoot instinctively (how i do in real) the darts goes wide upper the board and also the darts dont fly straight. Im not sure that the sensors work wrong or the game but my darts fly soft to left. I use a Oculus Rift and be a right-handed. In the official game bar (Not Tutorial) you can also play Chess, Checker, a Ballgame, Puzzle, Reflextestgame and a Shuffleboardgame. The rotation (adjusting fov in vr) is not so good and i will be sick from that smooth sidescrolling (i hope they change it something how like in vrchat). Pro-Real fun (also in Multiplayer)-Nice envoirement Contra-Rotation with the triggerbuttons (makes sick)-The ability to see what Balls have been potted, left-Darts feels a bit buggy Conclusion: The Game fun makes and is not so expensive. Using of Controller was great realized (excluding darts) and the Control feels good. I recommend that game.