Squad reviews

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Early Access Review Squad-Dangerous Arma competitor 2016? This Title is currently still in playable alpha status. With up to 50 players or 50 Players, You will be able To embark on a tactically demanding Battle in the new Title of the developer team Offworld Industries, the Creators of the well-known Mod "Project Reality: BF2." First Of all, anyone who expects cinematic and bombastic Action including Explosions of a Michael Bay Strip is simply at the wrong Address at Squad. Is this a negative Judgment? Quite clearly, no! Squad doesn't even try to fight with COD and Battlefield in a Class. This Tactical Shooter takes the unvarnished Path. In the all-too-familiar AAA titles of our Time, we witness grenades creating Blaced explosions that catapult our Fellow Contestants many Feet far into the Distance. Almost every Firearm has its own Sound, but it rarely carries more than a bored Shrug. Opponents Hit are sometimes thrown back so hard that it is believed an invisible Orc would have helped. However, it's Different in the Tactical Shooter of the current Seasion, Squad. Grenades create an Explosion that can be felt almost on your Own body. Dreck and Debris are stirred up high, which can be seen down to the Last detail thanks to the Particle System. This also comes into Its own in the Case of simple Shelling. The Sound is set in a League where even Battlefield 4 can't set foot. The Soundscape is realistic and comprehensible, because every Rifle, and every Step, have its Role model in Reality. Never before Has gun Feedback Felt better and more plastic, especially an Opponent's Meeting. Not because he brews through the Area effectively, but because he hits the Ground quickly and without Tamm Tamm. Once you're Unlucky enough to appear in a Player's Crosshairs, you rarely have more left but throw yourself in the Dirt, or wait for a Paramedic. Each bullet captured feels downright physically awkward when It Arrives, kudos on my part to the Audio Producer. Squad is a clearly team-oriented Tactical Shooter in which nothing works without a Headset/microphone. It is about Capturing And holding positions as effectively as possible. Unlike Battelfield 4, Success depends not on the Mass of Conquered Positions, but on the Success of individual strategically important Positions one holds. If you want To succeed as a Team, thoughtful Collusion, and in most Cases the English Language, is simply part of it. Squad Dispenses with many scattered buttons that can be used to send tens of visual Signals to Troop Members. Only The Keys for the local Voice chat Are important, only Soldiers in the surrounding Area hear their own Voice (as well as hostile ones), as well as the squad radio, with which one exchanges information internally among squad colleagues. There is also the Possibility to write Write messages to all of one's own, or to all Players on the Server. A particularly nice Detail here is that the Voices are realistically distorted during Conversations on squad radio, with all the accompanying audio effects. With the Card you can determine your own, as well as the Position of Fellow Players at any time, can mark assumed Opponent Positions, and choose Targets. This allows the Team to be visually told what Position Support needs. But, as has already been said, Communication takes place mainly via the Voice chat. Also important is the Compass in the HUD, located in the middle Of The screen. It contains important Information, such as the Directions Of North, East, South, And West. In Between, there are Figures that make precise Localization easier. Verdict: Although Squad is still in the Alpha, no Vehicles are included in THE game yet (* EDIT * added in the current Patch), which leaves Perfomance to be desired in AMD Systems, and the Graphics (yet) do not reach other large Shooters, it has already Already occupied a special Position. With the low Learning Curve, fast and challenging firefights, and the great Community, this Game creates an optimal Balancing Act between Arma, COD, AND Battlefield.