Squeezone reviews

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Microsoft from Russian
Squeezone is a fabulous Tower Defense, with elements and Shoot ' Em Up. Protect your main headquarters from slime infestation. ARM Yourself with powerful weapons and build the strongest towers. Victory or defeat? It all depends on your decisions. Storyline? It is not-it's a wildly complex Tower Defense. The Project takes not history, but its literate and sometimes difficult gameplay. The Gameplay is a mix of Tower Defense and Shoot ' Em Up. We are offered 3 large locations each, of which has 7 waves of slugs. Our task is to protect the main center. After Each wave we have the opportunity to buy weapons and put protective towers. The Range of weapons and towers is not as big as we would like, but it is quite enough. The Sad thing is, we can't shoot as much as we want. The Weapon has a corner, under which it can shoot and it is noticeably complicate the gameplay as a whole. The First waves do not give us a lot of gold, and accordingly we can not, something intelligible to buy and we have to somehow get out from this situation. The Whole gameplay depends on how you will spend the first 2-3 waves, if you were able to survive further all will go on the rolling road. Towers can be made stronger, but I think that it is necessary to take not quality, and their quantity. Maybe I'm wrong, it all depends on your style of play. Place your gold wisely, remember that it is from your actions and decisions depends on the course of the battle. Pixel picture fits perfectly in the concept of the project and in general, in games of this genre to evaluate the visual series, at least obscene. The Design of the Lvlov looks relatively good, although it could be somewhat more interesting. Pleasant musical accompaniment, which does not pressure you at all during the dynamic and exhausting gameplay. All the achievement can be accomplished, and most importantly in them conditions-it is to pass all three arenas. Passed? Congratulations, you have one more-the perfect game. Achievements are few, and this is because of the fact that the game is very little content and there is nothing to do, because it is a full game, not early access. It's a Sad story. According to the results:-Dynamic gameplay-Not enough content-Relatively beautiful picture and music-Achievements and cards a Limited amount of content makes you wonder, and whether to buy a project for such money? Yes, the content is small, but you will not pass it in an hour or two. If you like the genre of Tower Defense, then you should pay attention to this project. More of our reviews on the curator page of the Special Games Club