St. Yariman's Little Black Book ~Complete~

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The tale of a divorcee and five sex-crazed beauties. A full remake of the 2011 Japanese edition, St. Yariman’s saintly ladies have been redrawn by the legendary Sian. Included is a bonus chapter with a brand new heroine, Aya! Experience this classic for the first time with this definitive edition.

I vividly remember my first casual hook-up.

It was last summer, my wife and I divorced after twenty years of married life. I worked my ass off so I could support us so she wouldn’t have to lead an embarrassing life of poverty. It was all for naught, though. She eventually confessed that she found me repulsive, and that she was cheating on me with a guy twenty years my junior. I was stunned, but I wasn't angry. I wasn't sad. I didn't even find it to be all that strange. The years I spent toiling away as a wage-slave stripped the love I had for my wife along with it.

That's precisely why I felt downright merry the night following our divorce. I went out drinking on my own, wandering around downtown for the first time since my bachelor days. The city changed just like I did. As I watched the youngsters who now laid claim to downtown, I realized someone was looking at me.

The gaze belonged to a woman younger than myself. At first glance, she seemed like the kind who'd look disgusted if she had to sit next to an old guy like me on the train. But she made no effort to distance herself. In fact, she approached me… "Looking for a good time?"

And so began the tale of a divorcee and his escapades with five gorgeous, Saintly Sluts.

  • Over 10 hours of the classic erotic visual novel experience.
  • A full remake of the 2011 Japanese edition, redrawn by the legendary Sian!
  • 5 gorgeous heroines to choose from. Miho is often found in the midst of ogling boys at the local arcade. Her best friend is Eli, bold and shameless, she’s the type to strike first. Underneath her tough-girl exterior, Rei is a shy lover of all things cute. Idolized by her admirers, Mana loves to put on a show. Don’t be fooled by newcomer Aya’s prim and proper exterior, she’s more of an open book than you might expect.
  • Over 15 fully uncensored scenes in a choose-your-adventure style. Fulfill your fantasies with these kinky ladies in any order you’d like.
  • Fully voice acted. Featuring performances by: Misonoh Mei, Momoya Minami, Tezuka Ryoko, Suzuya Maya, and Takanashi Hanami.
  • The definitive version of a classic game that put Orcsoft on the map!

Miho’s long, brown hair and enormous knockers leave a striking impression. She loves money, but she LOVES sex, so she's always having flings. She takes a particular liking to Yasuo. Although it might be more accurate to say she thinks he's an amazing fuck. That's why she's constantly blowing up his phone, hoping for a healthy helping of big dick.

Her favorite place for their encounters is an arcade right near the Shin'ike Station, where you're very likely to see her with a lollipop in her mouth whenever she’s not sucking on less savory objects.

An absolute beauty with a creamy caramel complexion, unkempt hair, and best of all: great tits. Eliana Chigusa is of mixed race with a Brazilian mother, and Japanese father, and she is part of the cheerleading squad at St. Marian’s.

A sex freak and Miho's best friend, she first hears about Yasuo from Miho, and it doesn't take long before she approaches him. She isn't shy at all about showing a little (or a lot) of skin, and there's no question she's a bit of a man-eater. To put it another way: Miho's prey for men, but men are prey for Eli, and her favorite thing to hunt for is big cock.

Rei dresses like a typical delinquent with a mullet-esque hairstyle. She saves Yasuo from a group of drunk ruffians one evening, and he treats her to a meal in return.

Her looks may suggest she's the type to play around with lots of different guys, but that's anything but the truth. She's actually the most inexperienced among the ladies Yasuo regularly sees. She lives with her mother and works part-time to help cover household expenses as much as she can. Deep down, she's a very good-natured woman.

Her menacing looks, bringing to mind a wolf or hawk, are at odds with her love for cute things, and she frequently wears cutesy underwear. She finds her inverted nipples and naturally bare pussy to be very embarrassing.

Mana keeps her hair short and pulled to both sides into something that resembles a bowl cut. Her breasts are also enormous.

You could say she's a bit of an exhibitionist, as she thoroughly enjoys to fuck in public settings like a karaoke booth or manga cafe. Her general vibe is that of an airhead with a saccharine-sweet personality. She's definitely a big slut, and will spread her legs without hesitation in many cases (she's still quite tight down there, however), and many consider her to be much like an idol.

Yasuo could immediately tell that she was a Saintly Slut, and he first approached her in front of the train station as a bunch of other guys were very shamelessly checking her out.

*Aya is the heroine who stars in St. Yariman's Little Black Book ~Complete~'s newly added bonus chapter.

A friend of Miho’s, with prim and proper looks that reflect her character. She's well liked among her peers, and a hard worker who excels in anything she does.

Aya has a killer body and a pretty face to match, so one might think she can't keep guys off her, but surprisingly enough, she's a virgin. It's not like she actively avoids anything sex, though. She isn't even afraid to frankly state that she masturbates daily.

It might come as a surprise that a free spirit like Miho is good friends with her, but Miho often regales Aya about her exploits. Yasuo and Aya eventually cross paths, so she takes the opportunity to finally sate her curiosities.

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Pentium 3, 1GHz
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Any 3D capable card
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • OS: Windows 8/10
  • Processor: Pentium 4, 1.4GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
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Last Modified: Jun 26, 2023

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