STAR WARS - X-Wing Alliance reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Even though I combine even more Nostalgia with the original X-Wing, Alliance is for me the Part I played the most (don't be fooled by the 2.4 Steam hours:)). The Campaign is extremely extensive (53 Missions) and plays between or during "The Empire Strikes Back" and "The Return of the Jedi Knights." This time you play again only on The side of the Rebel Alliance, but you also have several Missions for your own Family. The Missios are varied and fun to the End when you slip into the Role of Lando Calrissian and take on the second Death Star. The Star Wars Feeling also comes into Its own And especially because of the great Music. In Multiplayer you can either fight against AI Opponents or play with Friends in the LAN (with Virtual LAN then via the Internet). You can make your personal Scenario out of a lot of Ships and adjust the Number of Teams. From the A-Wing To the Super Star Destroyer (unfortunately, only a Fighter and Bomber ect. can be steered yourself), everything your Heart desires is almost all about. The Game requires a Joystick! In the case of newer Joysticks, they may not be correctly detected by the Game. To do this googlen and try out the "Universal Joystick Remapper." As far as I Know, there are also contributions to Self-help in the Steam Discussion form! > recommended is the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Pack! This makes the Ship model, which has already been achieved, look a whole Corner of the world, and it also includes further Improvements. It is also recommended to look around the Steam Discussion board here. There is also a Lot of Tips and Help! >, I have a few Points that I didn't like: No German Voiceover, which I personally can't understand at all! Of course, you can help yourself if you can find the original audio and Text Files, but I expected more for the Price! The Game is definitely also recommended in English, because the Radio Messages are displayed during the Missions as Text in the Log and at the Top of The Screen. Historical Missions: It would have been wonderful if you could play some Missions from the old Parts as historical Missions (Attack on the first Death Star with the Trench ect.). The Game has no small amount of Content, but that would have been the Cherry on the Cream. Compability to Input devices: As mentioned above, getting a newer joystick running can be a bit Fiddly. Too Bad, but it's probably not easy to fix. Luckily, there are tools to help you with on the Internet. Even if the Game has Trifles to complain about, there is an unrestricted recommendation to buy and Play from me!