State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Product received for free Shoot you through City and all Shooting and running, shooting and running, that's the Bottom of this Game and it's Fun. So surrender yourself to Anarchy and clear your Way. Summary Points (max. 100) Story Stump 55 Gameplay Amusant 75 Graphics Minimalitic Doodle 65 Music Well 60 Conclusion Okay 66 This Review was provided by the CURATOR program of the GGC Story The world Has fallen into Anarchy. How did it come to this? That doesn't matter, the Only thing that matters: Saving Your own Skin. Not only do people in the City riot, but The City is also under Attack by Aliens. To protect themselves, in this Situation attack is the best Defense, so they try to shoot their way through the City to survive the Situation. As you probably realised, the Game doesn't really take its Story seriously. But why should it? Blunt is Trump. The Game just needs the Story to add a little more Variety to the Design of the Levels. Unfortunately, after a While, it becomes very repetitive. Gameplay You run and shoot. Then you drive and shoot. Then run and shoot again. In addition, there is a Flight Insert in Space, but the Shooting must not be missing. Then it starts all over again. Does the Game have a deeper Sense? No. Is it funny? Yes. Is it fun? As long as you don't pull it over, yes. State of Anarchy has 48 different Levels that can be distinguished in four Different types of Stages: Fight your way to the bank and shoot the Final Opponent There shoot the UFO From the Sky and then shoot the alien fights your Way to the Spaceships The Alien Planet Destroys Generators with the Spacecraft and then the Bossalia As you can possibly see, it's not a lot Of Variety. The greatest Variation is created by the Weapons and Enemies to be used. You start with a Gun and find a new one after each "Bank Robbery." In total, you can carry two Weapons, one Normal and one Special, the special Weapon does more Damage but has less Range or is Inaccurate, etc. The Variation on Enemies increases as The Levels progress, with each Opponent having different Characteristics. Also, the Movement possibilities with each Level are limited by further Obstacles. Graphics The Game is played from a top-down Perspective. The drawing Style Used is very reminiscent of the Doodle Style. The player Simply likes to keep one's character and Opponents apart during Large Battles because of the Colour Scheme. Their own Character is completely green, while the Opponents have a gray, red or orange colour. All of these Colors reflect different Characteristics of the Enemies, which is important for Fighting the Units. The Level Design is very simple, although there are different Areas in one Level, they are repeated quickly. As mentioned in Gameplay, the Map mainly changes due to new Obstacles, this may be refreshing for gameplay, but for the Eye it is rather cloudy watching the same thing all The time. Music The Theme music describes the Scenery Pretty well. Through the Guitar and The Drums, the Chaos is brought over well. On the Other Hand, in-game is rather relaxed musically, until you meet the Final Boss of the Stage. As long as you get into a Vehicle, the Background Music changes as well. The Background Music while Driving Draws the entire Scenery into The Absurd, but this is why it is so much Fun. On the one Hand, the musical Accompaniment ambivalent it does not fit at all and would be more suitable for a farming simulator and on other Points it conveys the Atmosphere super. Personal Conclusion The biggest Weakness of this Game is the very repetitive Concept, but this is also the Reason that I enjoyed It. So if you just Fancy running senselessly around the World and shooting wildly around you, then that's a Game for you. Small Game If this Review suits you follows our Review program.