State of Mind reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Story In "State of Mind" Addresses various grim Future Scenarios. The increasing Technologization and Mixing of Man and Machine can have terrible Consequences for Humanity. A bleak, dystopian Future is shown: Artificial robotic life forms have been integrated into many Areas of daily Life; They hold operational Positions alongside their human Counterparts, help in Households and even patrol the Streets as armed Police Units. As a result, Man is pushed further and further to the Abyss of Existence; There are Drug Problems, Poverty and Disease. In Contrast, City 5, a virtually created World that seems to be the exact Opposite of Reality and in which these Problems do not exist. But this World, too, has its Pitfalls and a Hacker organization has already formed that wants to destroy this World. We play Richard (Reality) and Adam (VR world). Richard is arrogant, selfish, a Technophob and a Stranger. Richard is Looking for his Wife and Son. It's difficult to get used to the Character at first. His Aversion to Bots is unfortunately not explained in more detail and Simon could feel sorry for you at times. "State of Mind" is more of an interactive Story, the Emphasis on the Story, which is compelling and encourages reflection. The Graphics take getting used to, and that's the Style called "Low-poly drawing art." However, this fits into the future Scenario shown. You can explore the World and advance history by interacting with Objects, talking to People or doing research on the Internet. Even smaller Puzzles are integrated into the Game, so that there is no Boredom. Unfortunately, the action moments are limited. What I didn't like so much The Game saves certain Points on its own, unfortunately you can't save yourself. I didn't find the Controls quite optimal now either, sometimes you want to run forward and the Protagonist runs backwards. There is no current Target, so no Arrow or similar that points the Direction. Sometimes you don't know what to do next. The Duration of the Game is about 10 Hours. Two Achievements I have not achieved Good Fatherabany Father, although I have stuck to the Guide. The facial Expressions of the Characters are lifeless, they somehow all act on me like Robots, even if they are human. But that may also be intentional. At the End of the Game, some Questions remain, Such as whether Or not James has now survived the Car accident-maybe someone can answer that to me in the Comments. Verdict State of Mind is not something for every Player as it is not an Action Game and you have to "think" a lot. Even after The end of the Game, there are still a relatively Large amount of thought about the Plot and what our Future will look like. For Fans of the Television Series "Black Mirror" and the like, the Game is definitely recommended.