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Story of Eve - A Hero's Study

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When an oracle tells that the demon lord will arise again, people are seized with fear.
However, some heroes stand up against the fear! This story begins with a certain female thief...

Eve Rukia has just started her adventure aiming to be the second-ranked
hero for which she has longed. However, her way of practice is not that smooth.
Will she be able to be a hero? Otherwise......

- 6x violation scenes + 3x events
- 6x costumes + naked
- Easy card battle like rock paper scissors

* Genre: RPG
* Platform: PC
* Supporting languages: Traditional Chinese, Japanese and English (switchable in gameplay)
* Costume Collection & Defeat Violation

illustration: Sayika
Produced By: SmallSqurriel
Age rating
18+ Adults Only

System requirements for PC

  • OS: windosXP
  • Memory: 4 MB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 600 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Play the third Blush Event
Defeated by the Slime King. Ran out of EP
Walk in the Park
Searched the Slime King on the Plains
First Upgrade
Found materials for the Sacred Suit, Completed Tutorial
Charm Spell
Defeated by the Succubus. Ran out of EP
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Story of Eve - A Hero's Study reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Product received for free By $2.99 You can not ask for more, a short game (one hour and little it took me to finish the game, but I still have to unlock all the achievements and some other scene) and thematic ecchi that puts us in the skin of an adventurer With the peculiarity that to overcome his enemies he plays a kind of Stone-Paper-Scissors (Heart-Shield-Sword), simple and easy to dominate. The Artistic section, that is, the appearance of our character (which is what matters most) is quite well achieved, and it is not a drawing that "overemphasizes" the Traits of women, is rather pulling to normal. The story is correct, is there a little to fill (although it leaves you wanting a second part). This type of games I recommend because they are short and cheap, without more, I like to be so because I do not have to spend 30 hours to see what you have to offer me the game. Steam Mentor
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
The best thing about hentai on Steam. The illustrations are excellent and you can get to them very quickly (the game is just 100% in 1-2 hours). The game goes to the point and the mechanics is to play "rock, paper or scissors" Knowing the odds of the enemy using a card or another. Sword wins to heart, shield wins sword, heart beats Shield. Soon you will be watching scenes (which you get when you run out of energy points-not life-against a boss or by clicking on the hearts at the top of the phase selection screen). There Are two hidden achievements. One gets given to the heart that is seen at the bottom of the throne screen in the final fight, which also removes the (dusting) mosaic censorship of the graphics. (It'S A switch, and if you give It back to reactivate the censorship.) The Other hidden achievement you get to see all the final credits (after you get the screen to save game after the final fight, by giving the button "ENDING"). If you are wrong and you jump them you can still fix it by going to your saved game post-final and editing. Go to the directory of saved games, which is now here: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Eve Story of HT\Eve Story of HT_ 1.13 _Data \ Resources Open your saved game (SaveData1. JSON if it is in the first slot, or SaveData2. JSON or SaveData2. JSON if it is In the second or third) with a text editor, for example Notepad. Look For Data_Story_Main and change the number that comes out behind (15 if you've finished the game) to 14. Load that game and now you can repeat the final fight and then see the credits. The game right now is in English, but they say it is possible that soon translate it into Spanish. (For the moment only the achievements are translated.) In any case, the game is highly recommended for those who want to play and see illustrations rather than read text walls. It Is an unbeatable choice in terms of quality/price.
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