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I'm so glad that I got this on sale, but even then I still feel like I was ripped off. I've spent a good couple hundreds of dollars on OnlyFans alone and that was a better investment than this.

I don't even like being this rude, judging by the promo I genuinely thought this was gonna be a kinda fun HuniePop esc experience, but god I was sorely mistaken.

Ignoring the massive amounts of typos (which I haven't been able to find if this is a non-English company or not. If they are non-English, then that makes sense) the story is just not even a story. You just watch 5 girls, 1 of which doesn't even have a proper model in the cut scene, just do a live stream in the most boring way possible. Nothing happens. There's some "drama" thrown in but I couldn't give any less of a fuck since I don't know any of these characters.

And then there's the actual gameplay, which once again, makes no sense. The objectives are the easiest thing possible but they change with every level. What's the point in me trying to gain points when the objective is just "do 32 moves" or "gain 28 balls" like what?

The hentai portion of this is fine, I think the actual scenes you collect are pretty good.. not really worth the money and time, but not entirely bad. I do find it funny tho how one of the characters looks better in her hentai than she does in the actual cut scenes

And one final note: The achievements. These seem absolutely pointless as well. There's nothing about them that tell you how to possibly get them, they're just the most basic thing as if they were required to put them in. But what baffles me is I played through the entire story and somehow ended up with less than half of the achievements... where do the other ones come from?! I don't see any other part of the game that would allude to giving me the type of achievements I have left. Shit like "get A, B, C, D, Controller A, Controller B" but the only other gameplay I have is the arcade mode or replaying the story... is there something I'm missing? Could definitely be the case, or this was just a half baked attempt at making a quick buck from the porn game audience

I'm kinda reaching towards the latter... don't bother with this, it's an absolute waste of time and money.
«Waste of time»