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Stronghold’s Dungeon

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Stronghold's Dungeon is a game that combines many styles to create its own. Every turn, you will get to generate a board from a deck of cards that you've carefully picked throughout your journey within this dungeon.

A lot of enemies

The dungeon master has many minions under his commands. He will make fun of your weaknesses while letting you believe in a potential victory against him. But it will not happen that way. Slimes, Sandworms, undead, Rioting mob ? Each enemy has their own strengths and weaknesses, it's up to you to decide what strategy to adopt against them to allow you to capitalize on quick exterminations.

Various weapons

Rather brutal warrior or sneaky assassin ? It's up to you to judge which will be your best choice for your current game. Each defeated enemy will grant you a relic allowing you to improve your card’s effects as well as obtain many passive effects. It’s also up to you to manage your golds which will allow you to buy these said objects, from the most deadly venom to the sharpest halberd, everything has a price.

The law of chance

If you believe in your lucky star, engage this dungeon without fear. If you don't believe it... Prove to the world, or at least to the master of the dungeon, that randomness does not exist and that only your skills will be able to overcome all its traps. The Rogue-lite side of this opus will allow you to improve after each of your games, whether you win or lose, smoothing your progress and allowing you to constantly access new content.

An important aesthetic

As you noticed, Stronghold's Dungeon is a pixel art game that’s inspired by the greatest of the genre to give you a visual appearance of the softest and most pleasing to the eye. If that speaks to you, you'll be constantly pushed to discover the new enemy sprites, relics, and other surprises the game throws at you as you progress in the game.

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Additional Notes: Not tested yet.
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Last Modified: Nov 18, 2022

Where to buy

Cursed coin
Defeat the dungeon using the Cursed coin
First win
Defeat the dungeon for the first time.
Defeat the dungeon using the Cursed pendant
Cursed Rune
Defeat the dungeon using the Cursed rune
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