Subdivision Infinity reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
I like this Game and I keep coming back to it. What it does makes it good. I'm not a Hardcore Gamer who retires for Hours and plays through a Game like that (I'm missing the Time to do that). The Missions always have a mobile-compatible Length. If you can't get any further, you can grin with Mining and Free Hunt to buy better Equipment (and no, you can't speed it up by Real money, 100% Premium! I Think great!). The Look of the Game I think is great, Control as well (if you screw down the Sensitivity). And another important Point: It's not an Open World Game, at least what most Gamers mean by it. It plays out in limited Settings between which you can jump more or less freely, that's it. But as I said, what it offers (space dogfights) does it well.
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Microsoft from Dutch
(+) Graphically very beautiful. (+) Support for iCloud, Bluetooth controllers, and Apple TV. (+) No in-app purchases. (-) Little draught, mainly fighting. (-) No Gyroscope control. Subdivision Infinity is a fun game to play. The focus is mainly on the action: fighting with enemies. You can play in different ways. First, you have the campaign. There is something of a story behind it, but it always comes down to the same thing: destroy the enemy ships. The campaign is divided into several chapters. Each Chapter takes a look at a specific region in space and consists of a number of missions. Once you have completed this, you can move on to the next region. You also get the opportunity to play the missions again. Next To The campaign you will still have the free-hunt mode for a quick fight during the two or five minutes. You also have explore missions, where you have to find ' blue prints '. If you Have these all, then you can craft a bonus ship. In Addition To The bonus ships, you can also upgrade your existing ship or buy new ships. You can Also upgrade your weapons or buy new one. You need money for This. You earn Money by playing missions (campaign of free-hunt). If you Want To earn some extra, you can also go asteroids and sell the minerals you win. Graphically It looks all beautiful, both on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. It is possible to synchronize your progress through iCloud-saves. However, This is not always good. Sometimes you have to save a second time before your savegame is available on another device. The controller goes with virtual joysticks, or with a Bluetooth controller. The latter is mandatory with the Apple TV. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the gyroscope of your iPhone or iPad. Conclusion: A fun action game for the iPhone for a few minutes, but also to entertain you an hour at home with the iPad or Apple TV. Don't Expect too much depth. It mainly concerns shooting, but in graphically impressive environments. And without in-app purchases!