Submerged reviews

A simple and short game where you climb buildings to find items that aid your injured brother. There are also other things to collect, such as books that reveal why everything is flooded and parts for the boat that allow you to boost for a longer time.

It's too bad that the exploration mechanics are pretty shallow. Your limited to using the similarly looking ledges, wines and ladders in all the buildings. All the buildings look the same also, gray stone with some green wines and the occasional statue standing in the corner. There is also no way to enter any of buildings.

If you're really into exploring abandoned cities, I can recommend this game. It's short, so you won't get too bored before the story is over.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Submerged-the Climbing Simulator. From the Description, Submerged sounded like an exciting Adventure where there's a lot to discover-the Reality was very sobering after all. Uppercut Games packed an interesting, rather unused setting into the Unreal Engine 4 here and then unfortunately stopped putting more Content into the Game. The Story is quickly told: You have to help your sick Brother and you collect Boxes in the flooded City. Although There are some Collectible Items in the Game, all of Which are relatively easy to find with some leisure, they then further decorate the Story, but basically gives you that just a little more Background, with the Story itself these have little in common. In order to find Said boxes of supplies, you can use your Boat to head to various large Buildings in the City, climb to the top By Trappipes, Tendrils and Window Sills and collect the Box, so that is also a "Day" (because after collecting the Box it goes over a Loading Screen of unfinished things back to The warehouse with the Brother) over, it also shows you how many Supplies you have already collected and how much Is still in front of you. Once one has collected all, the short yet very sober end credits follow. In Addition, you can explore the city, in addition to the Story buildings there are even smaller ruins where you can find individual Collectibles for the Story, drift on the water here and there Boats with which the Speed Boost of the Boat can be improved and some Sights such as a half-sunken Ferris Wheel, a very high Crane or a Statue. Especially last ones contribute a lot to the Atmosphere and visually the Game makes a lot, the dilapidated Buildings with Moss, Tendrils and Trees look great and with appropriate Visibility you can really enjoy the View over the city. Unfortunately, this is not true for the Water and The sky, the latter even in UHD seems like a fuzzy Bitmap from the 90s and The former is populated with Whales, Birds and Dolphins, but not nicely animated. Basically not so bad, it is unfortunately too monotonous on duration, because you switch back and Forth between ~ 10 minute Climbing and boating phases and unfortunately there is no more Gameplay. That's definitely too little in my Eyes, especially considering that the Game costs a good €20.. If you don't collect all The Collectibles you are in under 3h at the End Credits and that without having been really great entertained. In Addition, there are Problems with the options, so I could not increase the Resolution at the first Start via FHD, even though there is an UHD monitor, only at the second Start I was able to raise the Resolution to the desired 3840 x 2160p-if an Acquaintance in Steam had not d me If asked that she had the same Problem, I might not have come up with the Idea of looking again at the Options. Furthermore, the Collision was programmed only very sparsely, so you can run against Boxes and Trees, while Ropes and small Trees simply clip through the Character. And not only there you were economical, the Control is also suboptimal, so you like to have several Attempts to climb a Ladder or climb down or up unintentionally somewhere. Here it would have been desirable to initiate climbing via another Button and not via the Movement buttons. But It is also only disturbing, because you can't crash anywhere, which also diminishes the Thrill again. All in All, a lot of Potential has been given away here, only that I can't enter a single Building. Here I would have liked Survival Aspects or more Puzzles, the Setting would have given all this, Be it looking for food, Collecting fish, fuel and Materials for the Boat, setting up a Warehouse in The survival area or puzzles with Switches, Boxes or anything else. 5/10 too little, too few