SUGURI reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Wow, what a toy. Excellent representative of the genre of Schpug. 13 hours were spent on an easy level of difficulty. And Another arcade mode awaits, nightmare. The Meaning of the game is simple-pass the level, dodge the shells, shoot the enemies, kill the bosses and so to the end. But this game has its own interesting stuff. One of them-acceleration, combining invulnerability to enemy shots, with the acceleration of the whole system in fact. Another-can shoot in any direction, makes a great combination with auto-tip. Not just so I mentioned that with the acceleration of the whole system. Some weapons used for acceleration gives other variants of attack, for example the initial Perdelka shoots 3 times, for the place of the 1st. Invulnerability in acceleration is given only from ordinary volps, all kinds of rockets, bombs, certain attacks of bosses, all it deals double damage. If slip past conventional shells, the scale of the hive-Ulta will be filled not just useful, but necessary. Also, the longer you fly on acceleration-the more overheating. More overheating-more damage from passable attacks. At 300% overheating from some skill bosses can get a plus 2 \ 3 health, which in the aftermath is very upsetting. There is Also an acceleration against missiles, but about it a little later. Diversity at levels is enough, the benefit is not repeated. Opponents are changing, there are all sorts of obstacles corresponding to the design level, some-where there is a mini-bosses. As diverse and armament. You can take 2 types of weapons with you, but the choice is great. And every laser, rocket, machine gun, and melee weapon. At once, oddly enough, the anti-missile acceleration. It Works almost as usual, except for a few differences: for the place of evasion, it destroys rockets, and enemies, too, it has double damage from conventional shots, and at close range is useless at all. If The rocket is already in front of the face and try Force Em, the name of the weapon, destroy them-health it does not benefit. In General, my favorite weapon was the default Pukalka, Force Edge and 4-barreled gun sword, sword in skillful hands of the brutal thing, as it turned out. It is a Pity that between the levels can not change the outfit, because most of the weapons are still situational, and Force Edge in the last stages is simply useless. I'll Move to the bosses. At The end of each level will wait for one of the local commanders, who asked to die begins to arrange a fun performance. Every boss is hell and perdition. Well, the first one may still be weak, but the rest of the mistakes do not forgive. Models of behavior are different, someone randomly moves, someone is behind the defensive, someone climbs into the melee. Each boss Has 3 health strips. After switching to the 2nd they attack more actively. But with the transition to the 3rd start to use the Ultra, which in the case of unsuccessful moves kills. I will mention the levels of difficulty. There are 3 of them: light, medium and heavy. And Light is far from easy, believe me, although in comparison even with the normal, it is very light. Enemies do not increase their health, do not increase damage, do not increase the number of goalkeepers, no. The number of projectiles produced by opponents Increases, oh yes, increases significantly. To Pass on a light arcade is another task, because life is only one. Profukal all health-Hello main menu, no content here do not give, second attempts will not even on the easy level of difficulty. Here and the plot is, though not intricate. Lived-There were on the planet someone there, to them flew aggressors and say, supposedly, your planet is perfect, but you are here to interfere, now we are here to quickly dispose of all and will be all just fine. Suguri was not consonant with this and with the artifact delivered from his father, the acceleration is sent to protect. That's it. The Graphic component here is not bad, but already outdated. Although The dialogues are good characters look. Special effects, explosions and other things in abundance. The Musical accompaniment is magnificent. I do Not know how they managed, but each track is suitable to each level, tracks on the boss-Files perfectly fit into what is happening on the screen. Even outside the game, most of them can be listened to. Bottom line: Interesting thing, out of minuses only not working the overlay of the steam, and so-yearnote. It Remains to finish the arcade mode. Arcade on the normal-terrible horror. Arcade on the Harde-fear, pain and humiliation.