Suikoden: Tierkreis reviews

If your in desperate need for a Suikoden title you will eventually play this spinoff, but be aware its story and writing are nothing compared to the old classics. 
Main protagonists is a young, annoyingly voiced character and its cheesy catch phrase makes your eyes roll until the final battle.

This game isnt as bad as Suikoden IV, but the limited capabilities of the DS soon emerge, with battle formations only having four players instead of the usual six and no large tactical battles.

Some dungeons, especially the last one, are very repetitive, boring and clearly designed to drag out to fill content.

Main protagonist has no real evolution, as have almost none of the secondary ones. A handful of those are even questionable how and why they should become chosen ones.

Finding, recruiting, leveling out and gearing the usual 108 party members is the core of the game and its fine for the first few dozen ones, but the lack of more locations quickly feels repetitive.

The castle-base has a unique style and the few upgrades make it interesting chasing done and recruiting people to unlock more stuff.

In the end its still a recommended title as we suffering Suikoden fans need to come to terms with the sad realization we will never get another title in the franchise.