Super Man Or Monster reviews

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Microsoft from Dutch
Product received for free I think this game is hilarious! Decide what you want to be, a man or a monste. It's just awesome for couch gaming since it has splitscreen multiplayer. One is monster and one is man. It looks very nice, and is a lot fun. Enough to do in the game, i love it! It's worth every penny!
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Microsoft from French
Product received for free improved and supplemented version of man or Monster, in free game on browser, SMoM is well fandard. Both sides are very different to play, and it is as pleasant to destroy "thematic cities" (Paris is only thanks to the Eiffel Tower), than to try to defend them. Yes, the game is very limited in the end, yes it has by wrong of quack in its maneuverability and its interface, yes the customization (especially monsters) could be far more advanced... But basically, Yes, the game is fun, and that's What's important. To be noted, one can deactivate the abominable filter species to be called "retro", to have a much cleaner Visual, without Burr. Also worth noting, I had the game for free thinking it was also on Linux, but in the end it turns via WINE, with some cursor bugs from time to time. To wait until the Linux port, it'll be fine.
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Microsoft from Russian
Hmmm, not a single Russian review? We need to fix this! Well, let's go! Super Man or Monster is a pretty cool representative of his genre to understand the pros and cons of this design: + * Local Multiplayer * Optimization * Variability (want to destroy the city? Go for the monster! DON'T you want to smash the city? P * here In TOWN, THERE GODZILLA ALL TWISTS) * Here You can beat movies about Kaizen (ノ゚ ▽ ゚) ノ (current instead of atomic respiration in Godzilla nuclear fart, but not the essence) * Pretty Nice graphics (if you change the settings, but about it later)-* Music, the same soundtrack... * The Imboousness of some monsters (the second monster is stupid in one click the ability to spread the city in chips) * Graphics ("And Why did you mention the graphics in the pros and cons?", you ask, and I will answer... THE STANDARD IS A FREAKING RETRO STYLE!!! As Long as you deal with the naystroyki your eyes will simply melt from this pixel pixel graphics, then another combination...) * Lack of Multiplayer on the network (I would like to hack with a friend on the network... I hope this will add) * Price (not a big minus, but still, the red price of this game ~ 150-200 rubles) In The end you get a pretty good toy, which will suffice to pass a couple of evenings in solo mode, or 1-2 weeks to cut into this locally with someone from friends 8.75 PE The best of 10 "HOW did YOU fail ME?"