Super Samurai Rampage reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
The Game is as miniature as possible, without a campaign, without a plot, without a goal. You are a rabid samurai, whose the apple was stolen directly from the hands. Such Forgiveness is impossible-to catch up with the thief and execute on the spot. Then at the same execution all the swordworkers, all the ninjas, all the Rayden of Mortal Battalion commander, rushing lightning and in general Vykosit Asia under zero. In your hands you only have a sword, but the sword is not simple, it hides the power of the Jedi. You can Wave at the same speed as you press the button waving, so strain the muscle hands... And get ready to collect a couple of extra kilo, because the muscles weigh a lot. Enemies are different. Katano-Zhuna just trying to cut you in half, slowly making a preparatory attack. Mainly serve for quick painting of local paths in red. Ninji is thrown by Sjurikens, the size of an elephant, so you need to either reflect or jump over. By the Way, the protagonist owns a level 25 flight skill, so it can be endlessly in the air. He doesn't even need a spider web. There are even more cunning ninja, jumping and metetty three knives. Knives can be hit them back, but you can catch the skull, but the second is not recommended. Sometimes the land runs Schroeder and rushes axes, and since the turtles are nowhere-it is not surprising. In the sky you can meet the already mentioned Raiden, this uncle throws a two-sided lightning, which can not touch the finger. There fly fiery sorcerers without legs, but since the hero and so all the limbs cut off, the legs will not be needed. Yes, there's a lot of blood and a little rivulet. Where he cut, there and split. It is Possible to demolish heads, hands, trunk, trees, bamboo, bushes. If It is too hot on the screen, the attack button is allowed to hold to completely freeze the time. Doing It is useful, though, quickly cut everyone here much more fun. The longer you fight, the more guilty the Apple abduction appears. The Music is soothing, positive, and sounds cheerful and pleasant by ear. The Camera constantly trembles, it is impossible to disable it, but after 5 minutes of such shaking you too will start to beat, therefore try to get in resonance and vibrate on one frequency with a screen. When the right hand refuses due to frequent pressing of the attack button, you can use the legs, the process is arranged so that any limb can tear into shreds. The Main thing is to plow through the level at such a speed that the enemies do not have time to understand what is happening. Sometimes It is not clear where your character is at all, but it is normal. Just kill quickly to activate the power of the swan, then you will be enveloped by lightning and you will move even faster for a short time. It's logical, if I had an apple stolen, it wouldn't have happened yet. I have to go to rehab my right hand.