Super Street: The Game reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Is the Game fundamentally bad? No-I don't think so. Does the Game have Problems? Yes, definitely (unfortunately!). Is the Game up to the Price at this Time? No! Yes the Game is really Fun and the tuning system is cool. But here, too, something essential is missing: A decent Slide editor. Because there is a huge Opportunity for this Game. Connect Steam Workshop, offer a System that allows any Design to create the creation and share it with the Community. Because that's exactly what could generate Motivation. Because a completely tuned Car is possible under 2h. Another Problem: Driving Physics and AI. As has been mentioned many times, the Brake is a big Problem. But this can be solved from the Very beginning. The Brake actuators block the Car on the Track and initially only minimally reduces the Speed. Therefore, just release the Gas and turn into the Curve. In case of Hairpins, press the "Handbrake" and give Gas. I hardly had Any problems with that anymore and it never felt like I had no Control. Performance Stuning Then Massively Defuses and easy to brake. But this has opened up another Problem: The Races have become very easy. Protrusions of over 30sec were standard. As a result, it quickly became monotonous. In addition-if you burn the Nitrous oxide directly at the Start-you are Usually Directly in 1st Place track Design: The Tracks are visually easily reminiscent of a Best-Off of the Need for Speed Series. Desert Landscapes, Forest Areas, urban areas, Industrial zones, Harbor Areas. Sure-you can't just invent new Areas either-but the Presentation of the Area literally cries out for Need for Speed. Bad? No-not at all. There are these strong Moments of play where I didn't even notice myself not being in a Need for Speed. Conclusion (As of 14.09.2018): The Game has such great Potential that there is unused on the ground for Release. The controlling System in need of getting used to creates an unnecessary Entry Barrier. Due to the outdated Gameplay, the Longevity of Super Street: The Game is in Jeopardy. By Including community items (such as Film designs), this could easily be fixed. Easing The individual performance modifications and Sharing of them would also speak for a Community. An early access Release would have done this Game real good. Because the Content and the Polish are missing. For Charging full Price-difficult. But yes-Super Street: The Game is Fun and has Potential to be more. Therefore, dear Developers: Work on it! The Base is there and much is cleaned up by Patches. But until the time comes-I can unfortunately recommend the Game only to a limited extent. Keep it on the Screen and keep your Fingers crossed that this is still going to be something.