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Super Ubie Island REMIX

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Super Ubie Island REMIX is an adorable platformer with retro influences developed by Forbes 30 Under 30 developer Andrew Augustin.

Ubie, an adorable little alien from a distant galaxy, has crash landed on an unknown planet. There can only be one person behind this: his fiendish and decidedly less cuddly rival, Dr. Terrestrial! Now it's up to you to help Ubie get back home by fighting enemies, discovering secrets, and repairing Ubie's ship!

Inspired by Super Mario World and other classic platformers, Super Ubie Island REMIX is a game with old school roots, a full original soundtrack, adorable characters, beautiful graphics and an engaging adventure.

  • Save Ubie by overcoming difficult trials and bosses on his way back home
  • Chill out to a wide selection of remixed and revamped background tracks, as well as the original mixes
  • Uncover the secrets of Climate Island, with many hidden items, levels and characters to find
  • Explore four unique worlds with their own landscapes and inhabitants
  • Rescue lost worker bees and return them to their Queen for reward and fame
Release date
Notion Games
Black Shell Media
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Graphics: Any graphics card that can handle WebGL
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Super Ubie Island REMIX reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Super Ubie Island Remix is a simple and friendly platform game, in which we will help the little alien Ubie rebuild his ship so that he can return home. The game is very colourful, with nice and funny graphics. It accompanies a very good music and very animated, in some cases you Will not stop humming between teeth. The approach is the one of all life: levels of Plataformeo with increasing difficulty, in which we must avoid how many dangers and enemies we leave to reach the exit. Along the levels we can take coins, leaves and a few lost bees (3 per level), to go scaling phase after phase and reach the final boss. Little more I can say of Ubie Island. The game fulfills its role of entertaining, and is quite amusing at first. The biggest problem I see is that being a conventional platform at one point of the game becomes a fairly demanding platform, to come to a third point, become a damned Super green Meat Boy. Come to the final phases and bosses of the game, there are times when you want to throw the knob out the window. And that for me is a very negative point. These phases are frantic, completely unfair, and to pass through successfully have to have a timing of actions that touches the perfection, or die irrevocably time and again. And a point against is that whenever you die you appear in the Phase selection screen, and you have to re-load the phase again (and if there is a cutscene, it will replay... I have come to detest the seal with all my soul. The phases are replayable, since they hide secrets and also if you leave lost bees you can return to collect them. These Collectibles are a plus for that, to replay the levels, although the reward you get for them is very poor (only coins and more coins). There are shops to buy appearances, which are no more than alternative colors for Ubie, and the music of the game to be able to hear them in a cassette, but nothing more. The game has achievements, but internally in the program itself, and will not be activated in the Steam profile. In fact the game is incompatible with the Steam interface so you can not make screenshots. As a conclusion, Ubie Island leaves me a taste more than bittersweet. In fact I have not come to pass, because the final boss is so crazy and horrific, that in the last phase of the boss in which you are chasing relentlessly in the opposite direction to the screen and you must go through an area where any failure Milimétirco is the Death, I have opted to leave it for impossible because I feel that the reward of pasarmelo not compensate me the time of frustration and anger that provokes me. Those who know me know that I do not frustrated easily in this type of games. The game is very nice, very lively, and I liked it very much at first. But It is of those games that because of its enormous imbalance, in the end transform an excellent experience of play in something that you want to be finished soon. And also it does, because it is very short (I have lasted 3 hours, and that replaying some phases dozens of times). The thing is that if I want to play a Super Mario, I play a Super Mario, and if I want to play a Meat Boy, I play a Meat Boy; The problem is when one goes to another without just anesthesia, and maybe I like the two types of games... But I don't want to play them together because I don't. A shame. I Recommend the game because I find entertaining, beautiful and that is well done. And for his soundtrack, which is very good. But I can't recommend buying it at its price because honestly, it doesn't compensate. Take Advantage Of bundles or sales. Rating: Started as 6.5/10... But I just put it to a 3/10. And it hurts a lot.
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