Supercharged Robot VULKAISER reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Very good shoot'em up with an excellent atmosphere of old anime of giant robots. (Special mention for the OWL Reference of success "drill that pierces the heavens!"). This atmosphere coupled with an excellent B.O. and a pleasant gameplay, allows this game to possess excellent replayability. It is indeed with pleasure that we take the play again and again in order to progress in the higher difficulties. They are 4: easy (feasible by the majority of players), normal (an affordable challenge for any fan of shoot'em up Sunday), hard (the it starts to really get Corser) and super hard (difficulty reserved for the elite). The gameplay is that of a classic shoot in horizontal scrolling. The peculiarity of this one is at the level of the change of weapons. Indeed, 2 times per level, one can "merge" with one of the 4 modules and thus change its approach according to the part of the level. A purchase that I highly recommend for all lovers of shmup or old fashioned gameplay.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Successful Ball fun clouded by typical indie Arrogance SUPERCHARGED Robot VULKAISER is a beautiful Game that can be ridden as a small casual game or just as a hard-edged Ball Hell. The Game stands out from the competition thanks to its interesting Pow-up system and cheesy retro anime style. Damn, the Game even features like-minded Characters evolving. And this in a Genre that usually gives a damp Fart to Things like Story and Characters! So Japanese indie developer Astro Port has done some really good Work. Foolishly, the Indies suffer from an unusual Problem: They're real arcade scrubs. If, under the Guise of "arcade feeling," even Self-evident Ones are cut out like a pause function, then that's just ridiculous. And if you limit the Resolution to 640x480 Pixels under this Guise, it even becomes really harmful to the Final Rating. If I Only had to rate the pure Fun of the Game, then a Rating would have jumped out in the 80s. Foolishly, the Developers destroy the great First Impression through their feeble "arcade arrogance" and therefore collect well-deserved Minus points. So only 77 out of 100 Points left. Still a cool Game! Pro and Kontra: Pro:-Four Difficulty levels make the Game interesting for Both Beginners and Full Professionals-offering More Story and Character depth than pretty much Any other Shmup-interesting, original Power-up system-funny Soundtrack with Earworm character-high Replay Value Neutral:-6 Stages with a Playing Time of about 20 minutes of Counter:-Resolution Level of 640x480 Pixels-unspectacular Locations-I still miss a Degree of Difficulty that is located between Easy and Normal- Under the Guise of "arcade fencing," key Options such as a pause feature, Control Configurations or Sound Settings are withheld The full Review: Http://