Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
For the first time on a game of the series Neptunia, I will not recommend this game, and even for the fans of Neptunia. I've only done a few missions, a few hours of games and I feel like I'll already finish the game in true ending. You have to love the missions because the whole game sums it up to that (not really bother me, but the storyteller is really annoying, explained just after). The story is... Ben... BOF, I expected better, same for humor. Now the genitals:-no white, black or green. Also con be it, even if the game is focused on IF and Segami, do not find them is disturbing, and what is more... Neptune is a motorcycle... original but the character of the character is dead. Maybe a future DLC, so a story of money in the end, same for all other secondary characters such as Tekken or falcom. -The mission system: the center of the game unfortunately. Even though we're being offered to look for medals all over the dungeons, I think it's getting tired fast. The most annoying is the counter: this counter represents a countdown which, if it arrives at the end, gives more power to the end boss. original! But this system is really stupid on 2 points: after this time, the missions is SUPPRESSED and strengthens the boss. To reset it, you have to lose against the end boss... again and again... because even if your characters are rather big but not enough to beat it, it will have to wait for it to bat you, and this may be long the fight, all this to lose and again start missions to again lose ETCs... Despairing. -The combat system: it's pretty simple: either you make a symbol attack and you win without them attacking, either you miss and you lose, that sums it up to that. I still note a somewhat strategic and original side, even if we make a backup up to rebirth 2 for the magic that one recovers only in combat... So we do not slam his magic but only in boss or exception, it is boring in bulk. -Bugs: I found a few that show the impression that they almost sloppy their work. At least boring: I make a leap to climb a small wall in a Dungeon and my character remains in the animation of the jump a little while later. At the most annoying: I have to attack all my characters and at the last moment (when I really have the option to pass before the turn of the opponent and the move), I take the star fever and the game crashes... Yep, back to the Office the game crashed... Really fun. -The rest: horrible movements that are noticeable especially during the "routes" of jumping; the training system that is limited malsandstone bonuses, the system of gems that I find really lame, and especially the fact that changing weapons does not CHANGE the SKIN, a real back... Positive sides? Well aside from the name Neptunia in the title, there is not really big positive change, maybe the classes and again... I will finish it, uninstall it and return a little on the Megadimension which, I find, remains enjoyable to play. I am rather disappointed, even the music is... Fro. I really wanted to compliment him because I love the NEPTUNIA SERIE but too bad for a game Neptunia. It is necessary to remain realistic, the Sega girls have not really made their borrowing, not as much as the gold third of Megadimension. In the description of IF, they put that she suffers from Chuunybyou... Nope.