Supreme Ruler: Cold War reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
I recommend it, this is certainly not the best games, it is not the best of the Supreme series rulers but it fully fills these super functions (in my opinion) great strategy games "super simple and easy to take in hands", overpaid the games is a little moldeons, not Super rhythmic but it is very good because it has a very different graphic style and Pui SFOR 10 euros is not even a DLC of call of duty, it is frankly the blow because unlimited life, unlimited rejouabillity, I advice to all the world filepath e if there are any faults. Really good games on one of the most interesting and animated periods in terms of international relations. We can rewrite history and recreate a third world war. Perfect game series for good megalomans. ATTENTION: age of Empire or Warhammer dawn of war, or this kind of nullity excecrable in terms of great strategy (read well until the end please, it's important to understand my point). Do not see a personal attack on these 2 series of games (which I myself adore) but that we say immediately and in a very clear way, these are bad in terms of great startegie and even more patetic in wargame, because age of Empire or anno or even Tropico o u dawn of war are not oriented great startégie/WarGames because they are not made for that and clearly do not have the preantion to be, in the case of the games that I quoted a little higher, we are in strategy games/general public management that almost all l players/world could easily take their hands on them, so the developers wanted to democratize their games to a maximum of public. This is what could be called the "petite strategy" or the "simplistic Startegie": strategy games type age of Empire, Anno, dawn of war: simple startegies games with simple and effective gameplay, which thus do not really have Tuto. (ex Warcraft 3 and FROZEN THRONE whose tutorials are a little useless) On the other side of the border (and yes because there is too much difference that the term of wall or border sticks well to the image of fracture) WarGames or games of great strategy and there the best name changes and for the players lambda will hear the names Terrif alive that makes the lambda players giggle at their highly complex game reputations with an extremely elaborate game mechanics. The best in this area come all from interactive Parados: the famous and ultimate Europa Universalis (relatively affordable 5/10 in terms of ease of access, the great Crusaders Kings (which I had literally broken my teeth with that there at all beginning, I started the great strategy by this one and you advise it if you are still at the newbie stages, 3/10 in terms of ease of access), the hearts of iron (the simplest access, their interfaces are not top enough ugly and inefficient to my liking all personal, 6/10 in terms of ease of access), and the abominable snowman (NaN I kidding) but the Victoria (especially the II) very famous for its difficulty of grasping (probably the hard games, the most complex ever realized, 1/10 in terms of ease of access, to my dear beginners of great strategy, I give you only one advice: If you see Victoria, flee but flee in currents because you went struggled until you distaste) already started by a Europa Universalis, a supreme rulers before, or March of Eagles pretty simplistic in the end then tap gradually into the hard. Then a third category: the great hybrids/small strategy: a good way to advance to the great strategy, these are all games in half complex, moreover often one does not control a country (unlike WarGames) but a armies that stretches on of the territories and of which you can via a map observed your advanced or the advanced of the enemies on a territory: these are thus 2 headlines that fight the throne: the civilizations and the total wars. PS: Supreme rulers is surment one, see the most simplistic of the games of great Startégie, if of bases, you have a lot of difficulties to take in hand the gameplay, I advise you mised the difficulty and especially tell you that the Europa Universalis, the hearts of irons, the Crusaders Kings are even more difficult, and those there are already very reputed of their difficulties, and they have light years in terms of the complexity and difficulty of Victoria and notably Victoria 2.