Survival Games reviews

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Microsoft from Russian
Early Access Review Survival Games-This is the most popular now mode Batlroyale, but now also in the wrapper of Minecraft. How Many different projects have passed with this mode of play and do not count from the old Batly and fresh, but without time deceased H1Z1, who even moved to free that play, to somehow regain the online to the most popular game of modernity with Unsympathetic name – PUBG. But such a non-standard solution has not yet been-the developer just took the most popular game mode and wrapped it in the cubic world of Meinkraft. Great, huh? Personally, I definitely can't tell you how great it is, but the fact that the developer is a genius marketer What is the most popular game mode? It is Naturally a batroyale. Who plays the game most? Naturally teenagers. And What is the most popular game among teenagers? Naturally Minecraft! And here we will take and merge everything in is one and name our project survival Games-almost Hunger games. And it is necessary to tell the developer it successfully succeeded, the only thing that failed for some incomprehensible to me for the reasons-it is to raise the game good online. But that thing is bait and most likely sooner or later the game should shoot in a teenage environment as a unique game product of mass consumption. The game is interesting a lot, ranging from unusual for this kind of games style graphics, to the abundance of choice of different modes (yes, the Battle Royale here though a key, but not the only one), namely:-Battle Royal, which I think especially and nothing to tell, except that you can Mention that the server is designed for 64 players. I Also liked that there is a plentiful field for customization of the character as it is possible as a very flexible to customize its appearance, and choose the right one from a huge number of them. -Deathmatch – The mode is also many already loved by old good shooters and known as the main mechanics, the server here is designed for 16 players and wins here on the classics strongest, ie, filled a larger number of kils. The following Two modes are promising, but not yet implemented until the end:-Zombie Survival-team survival against zombies, judging by the name, the big details can wait when the mode will be implemented. -Map Editor-I think it is clear from the name that this is the editor of custom maps, what exactly lies under this promising name is still difficult to imagine, but knowing the universe Minecraft, we can assume that there is probably a lot-up to the full Create your own map from scratch using the objects available in the arsenal. What modes will be available in the editor is unknown, as it is not known whether the editor allows you to choose a mode. In General, the game is lightweight, suitable for any PC, inexpensive and looks decent, I think it can be recommended for purchase.